Friday, June 29, 2012

6th Edition: Stuff I Don't Mind

by Sandwyrm

As I figured, I'm finding less stuff to gripe about in the basic non-(flyer/allies/fortification) rules in 6th. So in no particular order, here's the stuff I either don't mind or actually (gasp!) kind of like.

Warlord Traits

You pick an HQ at the start of the game to be your 'Warlord', and that model gets a special random rule depending on what table he's eligible to roll on.


While I'd prefer not to have the randomness of it in competitive games, there's nothing in here that's really that far out of whack. It adds flavor without the abilities being overpowered. Certainly it's no worse than the random Tiger skills in Flames of War, and adds some spice to the game. I can live with it. :)

Moving In The Shooting Phase

Basically, every unit gets a run move, even vehicles. How far depends on the type, and there's a long table that tells you what to roll for each type.


Over on the M42 Project, we've been working on rules that allow you to mix up your movement and shooting too. So while these particular rules aren't as conceptually clean as I'd like, and are more random than I prefer; it is a step in what I feel is the right direction for the game.

Time will tell how this plays on the field, with Tanks scooting in front of units that just shot to give them some cover or block LOS. But given the other nerfs to vehicles, I don't think it will be unbalanced.

Cavalry And Beasts Have A Longer Base Move

Needed to happen. Six inches was stupid. It nerfs their overall threat range by a couple of inches (on average), but I'm OK with that.

The 'Deny The Witch' Rules

This one is very clean conceptually. All units get a 6+ save vs. Psychic Powers. Units with a psyker in them get a +1 or a +2 depending on the relative mastery levels. Psychic Hoods simply let a model/unit with one perform the test for any other unit within 6".

I like these rules. Not sure if I like the Psychic powers themselves yet, but that's a whole other post.

The 'Heroic Morale' Rule

Characters improve the odds of rallying a unit if they're below half-strength. Cool.

Characters And Special Rules

Character special rules don't pass to units, and unit special rules don't pass to Characters.

This one is crystal-clear and logical. Sillyness like Camo-Cloaked Commissars giving their units Stealth won't happen anymore. Good!

Not sure what that will do to Nids, but we'll see when the FAQ comes out.

Characters And Precision Shots

If a Character rolls a '6' to hit, you can allocate the wounds instead of the defending player. It works the same way in Close Combat.

I like it. 

Grenades Have Been Consolidated And Precisely Defined

All of the grenade types and their effects are now defined in the core rules instead of scattered around the Codices. Good!

Oh, and defensive grenades give you stealth if the shooting unit is within a certain distance. That actually makes... sense!

The Battle Prep Step Is Very Nicely Laid Out In Simple Steps

Six missions, three deployments. Do this and then that. Competitive is this way, casual is another.

Yay for clarity! 

Units That Can't Hurt An Enemy In Combat Can Choose To Fail Their Morale Check

Makes sense (finally!).

I guess folks will be NOT be taking kraks and Fists now, so that Dreds can't tarpit them. :)

Deep Strike Mishaps Are Now More Forgiving

You only have a 1 in 6 chance of being destroyed now. As a Blood Angels player, this makes me happy. :)


  1. Fearless units cannot choose to fail morale checks, correct? If so,'thirsty' BA units and DC will ignorantly keep attacking a unit they can't hurt- something I'll have to keep in mind.

    1. I'll check when I get my own copy of the book tomorrow.

  2. I think you are wrong on the USR thing.

    Most of them say: if one model in this unit has this ability, any model in this unit may blah blah blah.

    I'll go back and check the characters section though.

    1. It's in the special rules section.

    2. Both correct. It states in the Rulebook that USR's for IC's don't pass on to units, and vise versa, unless specified for the particular USR in the rulebook.

      Looking through, most of the USR's you could pass over still states 'If one or model in the unit has xyz, then the whole unit...'

    3. Yeah, found that. It REALLY has me annoyed how many cross-referenced rules there are that set up one expectation and then have 20 exceptions to it. How are we supposed to learn these rules?

  3. You can still tarpit the unit, you can only fail your morale check if you lose combat... seen plenty of times my Dread / Stalker fails to hit at all....

  4. Nice to see you make a positive post though. Not seen the book yet myself and from what I have heard I still have mixed feelings about this new edition.

    1. Also nice to hear something good.

    2. I think that mixed feelings are the proper ones to have. As I look through the book I get the impression that if you were to lift all of the blatant money-grabs out of the rules, what you'd be left with is actually pretty solid, and a net improvement on 5th.

      We'll see. I haven't dived into shooting, assault, or the psychic powers yet. At first glance, it looks like there's some heavily exploitable rules in there for offensive wound allocation, but I want to be sure about that before I say anything further.

  5. Nice post. I agree all of these seem like they improve the "fun" of the game. I look forward to seeing how it plays out tonight in a 500 point combat patrol game.

    I especially like tha herioc characters can lead from the front now if I read it correctly. I will know in 5 hours. That is where they belong. Ragnar has now become playable again in my opinion.

    But so has Draigo and his Paladin's. I am going to have to try and figure out how to crack that monster in the new edition. :) I have some ideas tho'!! :))))))

  6. One thing I really like about warlord traits and the new powers is it retrofits older books to have at least some benefit to inflated IC prices. A Chaos sorcerer still isn't a slamming deal, but at least they have options and can benefit from a new random ability on top of the new powers (speaking of which swapping in a new power for the 10 point doombolt is a pretty good deal). I'm also excited to take 2 powers on each of my broodlords, w 4 stealer body guard, infiltrate and biomancy/telepathy the crap out of something

    1. This is true, but Dante and Draigo benefit too. So in relative terms, it seems like a wash to me. It's a tide that raises all boats.

  7. My biggest like is HP on vehicles,
    My biggest dislike is that random crap like seize the initiative and random game length is still in.

  8. As a blood angel player, how do you feel about the changes that affect them? I'll list the ones I can think of off hand...
    Jump pack rules
    Furious charge no longer giving +1 init
    Sanguinary guard's weapons are only ap3
    and the most important... Everyone with the Rage USR just became so much better.


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