Monday, June 25, 2012

Shürzen Conversion Photos

by Sandwyrm

Redscorps asked for some close-up photos of my Panzer III Shürzen conversions. So here ya go!

Here's a shot straight down the side of the tank. The Shürzen were simply glued to the track guards. Which is actually how they were initially attached (poorly) prior to the later system of supports bolted to the hull itself. It makes things easy since the PzIV 'arms' wouldn't have fit properly anyhow. 

Here's a top-down shot. I was going to go flush with the edge of the track guards, but the drive wheel axle in the back got in the way and required the gap. 

Here's the PzIV track guard right off the sprue.

And here it is with the arms cut off at 45º angles.

Just don't do what I did and notch the bottom of the ribs. When I found that I couldn't mount them flush to the track guards, it made it harder to glue them rib-to-guard.

Then just cut off the front section of the Shürzen and you're ready to go.

Here's a top-down of the turret. The turret Shürzen are easier and only required me to cut off the very front bend of each half to look similar to PzIII Shürzen.


  1. Thanks SandWyrm, you're a good man.

    That looks great and I should be able to smash a few of those out if I ever feel like making a unit with N's.

    Thanks again and what a great looking army!

    1. I only just noticed but the mod you did to the mantlet is a great touch. It's all in the details!

    2. Shhhhhh... (That's an L mantlet)

      The N's have slightly smaller mantlets with no rivets. So when I've got everything else painted I'll have to go back and cut off the rivets. :)


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