Friday, April 16, 2010

Adding to the Family

by: farmpunk

We've decided to add to our little enclave here at the back40k. Some of you may already have seen the first post by our new additions to the crew.

We're happy to be now including Wienas and TheGraveMind to our rag-tag band of writers.

As Some of you know, TheGraveMind comes from his blog, over at Predators and Prey in 40K.

Wienas comes from his own blogging experience at Indy 40K.

I will be probably be porting a good deal of their stuff over to here this weekend. We're all here around Indianapolis (with the exception of Chambers), so there will be Indianapolis 40K stuff all over here. There should still be a good deal of our usual tactics, battle reports, and Listbuilding talk. As well as the occasional Biological oddity, and/or geek out, for those of you needing to read Jargon once in a while.

Keep Checking back. you never know what our fevered brains will spit out, but it's probably going to be PG-14 or so.

Welcome Aboard Guys!


  1. And thank you guys for having us. It's an honor to be writing alongside you guys. I'm looking forward to many interesting articles by everyone.

  2. It's great to be here. I'll attempt to do our fair city proud.

  3. Welcome - though neither of you are new to Blogging.

  4. How am I supposed to fit all these new people on the banner? :)

  5. I fully support some form of chest busting alien in the cockpit.... or maybe a herd of zebra nids in the fields. haha


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