Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Think I Finally Have Some Local Painting Competition

by SandWyrm

So I went down to the FLGS for the first time in almost a month tonight (stupid work...), and what should I find, but the best looking Ork army I've ever seen.

It was being set up for a game with another local IG player by a nice fellow named JB. JB's just coming back the game after taking a break for a few years. Looks to me like he's been playing around with some of the new kits in the meantime.

Yep, it's a garbage trukk...

...with a working door in the back!

I'm not sure what it is, but it looks painful.

Cheerios of DOOM!

Now THAT's a battlewagon!

Even the Boyz look great!

This one reminds me of the rover from season 1 of the old 1960's "Lost In Space" series.

I hope this model never falls on me. :)

We talked for a fair bit and decided that 2 good-looking armies like ours just have to have a 2000 pt. battle soon. If our schedules work out, we'll do it next week.

I'll bring the good camera.


  1. oh yeah I played him last October or so. Nice guy from Kokomo, if I remember.

    I loved the complete scratchbuilt stuff. I'll have to make it next week for sure. I was building an Immolator tonight, while Mrs. farmpunk finished the State taxes.

  2. Those mono-wheels look amazing! Any closer pics of them?

  3. Sorry, these are all the pics I took tonight. I'll get some close-ups next week with the good camera.

  4. My favorite part; his carrying case is a cardboard box.

  5. :O

    I wish my Orks looked HALF as good...there's a good reason there are virtually no pics of them...

  6. Coming in late, I know. If you want better pics of all these models, search for Uberdark on Cool Mini or



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