Friday, April 23, 2010

oh google analytics...

by: farmpunk

There are things that make me geek out in strange ways. I've got a background in Field Biology, and statistics are one of my weak spots. oh heavens I can stare at data and graphs for hours, loving it.

For all of you that blog, and like information.... go check out Google Analytics

It's an information treasure trove. You can look at where You get hits from, how often you get hits, what people look at, how long they look at it, what browser they are using.

it's so cool. I loveses it. I loveses it good.

It's not too hard to set up, you've just got to use some HTML script-fu to copy and paste the app in the right spot. The instructions are pretty simple. Then you can log into google analytics, and see what you little 'ol blog did the previous day.

 I routinely check the traffic we get on theBack40K. I love finding out we've got a regular reader in Troy, NY. or Uppsala, Sweden.
The Map function is one of my favorites, but looking at what pages of the blog people are checking out is good information as well. Most of our hits come from linking sites. neat. We've got a few people that view us using Safari, and a Playstation3. who knew? We get hits from IPhones, and BlackBerries.

There's a wealth of information available to you. I need to figure out how to allow the other authors view the analytics report.

I highly recommend it to other bloggers.


  1. Well, I'll say right now, most of the hits from Lafayette are probably me. I check from my Ipod in class when I'm bored. haha.

    But wow, sweden, NY, that's awesome. Who doesn't enjoy statistics (or field bio =D, I mean come on)
    I actually just finished a Species-accumulation graph for a final project.

  2. After several months of having mine up, I've finally gotten to the point I don't check it daily.

    I like how it tracks the amount of views a particular page gets. I'd never have thought my top 5 would all be sculpting articles.

    Also, I had to comment because of GIR! He's ADVANCED!

  3. I'm a big fan of stats as well. Google Analytics is a guilty pleasure for me.

  4. I don't want to find out how many of my own hits are my refreshes... lol


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