Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'ard Boys Rulez is up!

by: farmpunk

the Rules for 2010 'ard Boys are up on the GW website.

I must say I'm surprised. The 'ard Boyz are deviating from official FAQ. If you go look at the allowed armies, there's a HUGE section for Inquisition. because they've got to define Induction now that the SM and IG codexes have changed.

lo and behold... Inquisition can induct IG vet squads! (but no special characters. whoop-de-doo.) and can take Russ Squadrons?!?
uh ok.

so now I'm going to have to think about what I want to take, now that my Inquisition toolbox has been defined. It's really too bad I won't be able to go to 2nd round due to a family schedule conflict. I think this would be a grand year to go to finals with =I=. and poke a leafblower in the eye with Shelia.


  1. I was talking about this with some people yesterday and they didn't see how awesomer this makes Inquisition armies.

    This could be very nasty.

  2. I kinda think =I= could be real nasty with both Vets and platoons.

    I'll probably take at least 1 platoon just to get extra chimeras for rides, and Vets for killing armor.

    It's going to make me weigh if I want to play GK's or sisters, since a good deal of my force can be IG now. Allies open the door even wider.

  3. Immospam backed by long range firepower from IG platoons/Vets and a big Russ squad would be just plain nasty.

  4. Damn...

    Chimeltas side by side with Exorcists and other SoB goodness? o.O

    Really to bad you can't play 2:nd round, but good luck anyways ^^
    Make sure to share your list with us readers once you have it ready :D

    Cheers ^^

  5. I'm just waiting for the missions. I have last years printed off. I have never played in an Ard boyz, so this should be interesting at the least.


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