Thursday, April 8, 2010

Something Cool From Comp-Land?

by SandWyrm

I was listening to the Adepticon interviews at 40K Radio when these guys came on:

Believe it or not, they're from Australia, land of super-comp.

It's not a perfect ladder system, but it's definitely a good start. You can track your casual games or have your tournament organizers upload your competition scores.

Definitely worth checking out.


  1. I find this interesting, to the max.

  2. A good start, we'll see where it heads.

  3. Interesting, the only question I have is how many 60+ tournaments are held in the Mid-west a year?
    It seems to me that the mid-west (which is all that I can speak for) has only one or maybe two large tournaments each year.

    Either way I would strongly support a DSI type ranking system for 40k, I think that this is an aspect of the hobby that is long overdue.


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