Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stormraven and BA Furioso Dred Arrive

by SandWyrm

I went down to G2D4 for some gaming today, and look what showed up!

Yeah, I wonder if the Grey Knights will be getting the Stormraven? ;)

The Furioso looks pretty cool too.


  1. Now are these the display "black box" ones, or are they for sale? cause boy oh boy is today a good birthday or what!

  2. I saw no prices, but I suppose bribery might work. ;)

  3. Sigh, they toy with my emotions. I'll have to wait like another month before I can actually buy one. .... twiddles thumb...

  4. That Dreads look delightful.

    Stormraven I'm iffy on, but I would love to use one.

  5. The Raven is not so bad when you get it in your hands. I got to play with my locals black box copy yesterday. There are lots of nice moveable bits on it, the crew serf manning the weapon point is awesome, and the interior detail is cool. I still have the gripe about how you can actually fit that many models in it, but for what it is , it is really nice.

  6. The exposed sarcophagus really shows off how creepy the whole Dreadnaught concept is.

    I wonder how easy it would be to build the Stormraven without the ground attack turret mounted on the roof. It'd be nice without it. Also, any idea how the hurricane sponsons would go on yet?

  7. The Hurricane Bolters are mounted into the side "doors," you can see them clearly on the GW website:

  8. The top turret pops on and off like a Leman Russ turret - there are 2 tabs on a round socket so it can only come on and off one way. If you didn't want to use it you would need to fill in the hole on the roof.

    The sponsons attach like any other SM side sponson. There is a space in the side hull like on a Land Raider where the Hurricane Bolter shrouds go and the bolters themselves fit into the shroud which allows them to pivot. If you look at the GW website and the last sprue shot displayed you can see the shrouds on the left top and bottom, and the bolters themselves in the middle.

  9. Oh cool, I didn't realise they had all these pics up. That's nice. It looks like the cowling behind the turret is a separate piece too.

    Those sponsons though - how do the troops get out of the side doors with those things in the way?? :P
    There are a lot of inconsistencies in the model but I think it's redeemable. I'm really excited to see how people convert them over the next few months.

  10. There are no side doors - there is a front and rear assault ramp and side access hatches if you choose not to take the Hurricane Bolter sponsons


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