Monday, January 3, 2011

Changes To Feb. 12th South-Store Tourney

by SandWyrm

Just got an update on the Feb. 12th tourney from Nate, the TO. He's made some big changes, few of which I agree with.


I apologize about the late changes but I have decided not to hold a "tourney as discussed on the 12th"  instead I will be hosting a day of 40k event. 

The idea for the event is to show up and play 40k for what it is a game.  I am not awarding much at all in the way of monetary prize support for battle records.  Instead I am awarding those players trophy's.  I want to recognize those players that do the best with what they are given for the day but don't want the desire to win to be driven by money.  I think it really brings out the worst in many players.  

There will be all kinds of prizes awarded throughout the day and a few other categories that give players a chance to get gift cards and other cool prizes.  In order to help provide the challenge associated with a tourney that some players may want I am allowing players to rank themselves before round 1 into different tiers.  This will allow veterans to play other veterans for more of a challenge if that is what they would like and also allows players to rank themselves down if they really just want more casual games.  

I am hoping with the way prizes are awarded for winning all three games that there will be no need for players to rank themselves low just for easier wins.  However if this is the case everyone will know it and that player will almost guarantee himself not to get the "best in show award".  For those of you on FB I have made a change here.  

Painting will be a trophy and $5 just like Master Tactician.  There will still be several hundred dollars in prize support given away as door prizes and random drawings at the event so I hope everyone will attend.  I want to recognize players for their skill as a tactician and also as a painter but do not want to do so with money.  I feel if money is to be awarded let it be given to players based on being the best player which doesn't mean winning all your games or being the best painter it's simply being a great guy to sit down and play against.  Anyway here is a quick breakdown of the event.

Cost: $5
Points: 1750
Rounds: 3

1) Master Tactician
a. This will be awarded to any player who wins all three games.
b. The prize will be a trophy, plaque or something of that nature (it will be nice) and a $5 gift card.

2) Iron Will
a. This will be awarded to any player who loses all three games.
b. The prize will be a certificate and a $5 gift card.
c. I think guys who stick it out deserve something and besides it could be interesting to watch two players trying not to win the 3rd game just to get the $5. :)

3) Master Painter
a. This will be awarded to the top three painted armies of the day.
b. The prize will be a trophy, plaque or something of that nature (it will be nice) and a $5 gift card.

4) Best in Show or something like that anyway
a. Will be awarded to the three players with the highest combined scores from painting (this will be different then the scoring for the painting contest and will focus more on a standard level of painting) and sportsmanship. Still working out specifics on this one might add in one additional category.
b. Prize includes a certificate and a $50 gift card.  Plus Ursa's Den will be giving away a custom 40mm army specific objective to the three winners.

5) Door Prizes
a. There will be a ton of random prizes distributed throughout the event. You will have to play all three rounds in order to collect them though.

1) These will be random for each round.
2) I will be using a list of 6 missions with a predetermined deployment for each round.
3) These missions may come from the rulebook, battle mission’s book, or any other previous 40k rulebook. I think this should help keep the atmosphere more casual. The same mission and deployment combination will not be used more than once.

I think that is it. I am really pushing for a day of 40k that is casual and awards players for having a good time and still recognizes players for being a good tactician. Please let me know what you think.  If you would like to attend please send me an email.  I am planning on cutting the field to 24 players but if I get enough registered I will make room to add players.  I will also have a sign up sheet at the GP Greenwood by Wed afternoon this week.


I already let Nate know that I wasn't happy with this change of direction, but I won't repeat those comments here. Regular readers know my opinions already. :)

G2D4 is also holding an event the week before this one on the 5th of Feburary. When I talked to Nate he figured that most of the competitive players would go to that one, so he decided to make his a more casual event.

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  1. Eh, I get ticked off every time I even consider going to the GP south these days.. Among the many things those guys have done over the years.. recently I signed up for their blood bowl league, months in advance.. Never got a phone call for it, or an email, nothing.. Showed up to play some 40k with a friend one night and they're playing blood bowl, so I say something to the guys that work there.. They said they'll talk to the store manager, who organized said blood bowl league.. and that he'd give me a call. Two weeks later I go in and they're playing blood bowl again. Never once called me. It's like a big clique there, so I avoid it. =p

  2. *sigh* not interested in a game day with prizes given out for the subjective scores.

    I am disappoint.

  3. Man, why all the hate for a different style event? I would think that we should all be happy to see plenty of different events being run locally - regardless of our respective 'competitive' (whatever that really means...) bent. I enjoy a good competiive tournament as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy a more relaxed, fun tournament....
    Do you really think there isn't enough room for different types of events and tournaments in the local gaming scene? If so, I don't look forward to the reception that we get if/when we run a large narrative gaming event (which some of us southsiders have discussed recently).
    I, for one, was conflicted if I was going to attend, but I will make sure to now, if for no reason than to help support some different style tournaments and events locally. Nat -- I'll be there, and i, for one, think it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this. If as much effort goes into the event on the day, I'm sure it'll be a good.

  4. There's no hate, just disappointment. This event was originally billed as competitive, but now Nate's running away from that. It's bait and switch.

    I have no problem with non-competitive events being run locally. But Nate's language and prize structure make clear that winning is "bad", and should not be encouraged. As if playing to win is somehow not allowed to be considered enjoyable.

    If that's so, then why follow a tournament structure? Why have winners and losers? Why not just have a narrative campaign or large Apoc event where everyone just has a good time?

    Hence, I feel alienated. There were going to be 3 painting contests, including best single mini and best army. Now there's only best army with a $5. So why should I take the time to compete for that? When did winning a painting contest become evil too?

    It would be the same as holding a winner-take-all competitive event locally without a painting contest, random prizes, or anything else. It excludes people and caters to only one segment of the 40K population. I'd rather have an event that is fun for everyone. Not the hobby version of 'Ard Boyz.

  5. I think he made the right choice, considering G2D4 decided to have their tournament the week before. That way there would be less chance for the attendance to be affected.

    Though I would much rather his event be a competitive tournament, considering I liked some of his ideas and I have the day requested off, I'll probably end up going no matter what, as I like any kind of 40k event.

  6. (that link to the facebook page does not work, it points at a private message)

    Saying this format vilifies winning is a step to far I think. The iron will booby prize is not an uncommon thing, it's just strange that cash prize for first place is the same as for last place in these rules. It is further strange to me that the best in show is so far and away better than the other prizes.

  7. The event was changed because to be honest I am sick of all the drama that has been going around about events. People complain about WAAC players and behavior and that they want a more relaxed atmosphere at an event. The real problem is that tournament play has become the standard of play because the players who receive the biggest prizes and rewards for playing get them for winning at all costs not for how well they play the game which includes being a sportsman.

    I have only heard one complaint that has a good point and to me means I am doing something right. A few have told me that they were looking forward to a good challenging event. Well to that I do apologize but there are ways to help ensure players get a good challenge and if that is what you want I am sure we can accommodate you and I am figuring out ways to ensure that players who want to challenge themselves have that ability.

    So what I don't award people with cash for going undefeated. Instead they get a trophy. I do think players should be recognized for their abilities both painting and playing but why does it have to be done with cash. I think it's funny how people complain about not getting cash prizes. I think it shows that those players are only playing for the cash. It's not about being the best tactician it's about winning at all costs because the money is what is important. There’s nothing wrong with playing to win. Players who want to play to win can do that and they will get recognition for their accomplishment. What I am doing is removing the cash incentive to win that’s it. In my opinion the players who play just for cash aren’t usually challenging because they are good players they’re usually challenging because their lists carry them and most of them are taken off of the net and were written by someone else. Players who play to win play for the challenge of winning and prefer a hard won fight because it means more than relying on a list to do the work. If that is what you want Ard’ Boyz is coming soon.

    Players at my event get recognized for their abilities just not with cash. It's not about winning or losing it's about playing the game. There will be all kinds of prizes going around at the event so that players are awarded for playing not just how well their dice rolled.

    If you want a challenge you will be able to find it at the event.

    If you want to get the recognition for winning all of your games I can do that.

    If you want to come and play because you love the game come check it out.

    If you want the chance to win tons of prizes for playing 40k I can give that away.

    I think this event covers almost all players not just a few. I will agree though that this event does nothing for those players who want to win money for beating their opponents. That I can live with. I know that there are soft scores being used for the few cash prizes but I feel a player has more control over those variables then they do dice rolls, bad calls and match ups. This isn’t a tourney it’s a day of 40k that can be as challenging or as laid back as a player wants it to be.
    As far as making it a narrative campaign or an Apoc event. That’s not the style of event I decided to go with for this event. I plan on doing events like that in the future that award prizes to the players. I feel like there are enough events that award cash and prizes for winning. I am holding an event that gives cash and prizes for simply being a good player.

  8. Also the only real cash prize is for "Best in Show" it is bigger because it awards the top three players determined by their peers. There will be criteria dictated by the event but most of it is player scoring. I am still working out exactly what will be used for the criteria but it will focus around your ability to play the game(not necessarily your win/loss record), your sportsmanship and basic painting because it's part of being a good sportsman to field a painted army.

    The reason for the $5 for the other awards is not really a cash prize it is because I feel if someone wins an award the least I can do is refund their entrance money. I could easily not do any cash but I thought getting your entrance money back would be nice.

  9. personally i wont be going. kinda sad really. i understand your feelings on the matter strung muppet. but me i knew i wouldnt win the tourney and wanted to enter the painting contest because i thought i had a chance. and yes its for the money, not because i want to laud it over someone, but to spend it that day on more minis. its an expensive hobby.

  10. Wow, you guys actually deleted my comment???

    Why? It wasn't denegrating or attacking....

  11. @sandman. I did not delete it. I'm not sure what happened.

    Here's what Sandman ORIGINALLY said:
    Hello- Long time reader, first time comment.

    It is too bad you changed the format. I and about 4 other guys from Ohio and Kentucky were looking forward to this one...

    As a comment on the change.
    I don't buy into WAAC players or Cheesy lists. If it is in the codex you play from it is legal and acceptable.
    I strive to Win but while having Good Sportsmanship, and have never to my knowledge received a negative Sportsmanship.
    The group I play with and the games played at Tourneys are competitive and casual at the same time. You can Win and have fun while doing it.
    Losing is the other half of a game. If you can't learn from a loss you are probably the one calling Cheese or Beardy or WAAC or whatever mellodramatic crap you want to call it. I don't like Losing, noboby does, but if you lost you made a mistake somewhere in the game.
    Yes your opponents dice are hot sometimes.
    Yes you may have dead dice.
    Yes you may have a 'bad matchup'.
    Yes you may not have TLOS blocking terrain.
    Yes you may have an 'off day'.

    Yes you may have not optimized your list.
    Yes you may not have enough games with the list or army.
    Yes you may not fully understand the rules.
    Yes you may have never played against your opponent or his army before.
    Yes you may have made a or many Tactical Errors in your game.

    It is a game and is supposed to be fun. So have fun, be competitive and play casually.

  12. Muppet Said:

    "So what I don't award people with cash for going undefeated. Instead they get a trophy. I do think players should be recognized for their abilities both painting and playing but why does it have to be done with cash. I think it's funny how people complain about not getting cash prizes."

    There's a difference between a ridiculously big dollar prize, like the free army at 'Ard Boyz, and a $20.00 - $40.00 prize. The latter is a free vehicle model or unit. What's wrong with a free model for winning a tournament or painting contest?

    Is there anything that I can buy with $5 besides a paint pot? It's literally not worth my time, gas, or the trouble of arranging kid-care to drive down to the South Store for a chance at that.

    You've told me in the past that Farmpunk and I are exactly the sort of player that you want to have at your events. Well, we're turned off at this one. It's not attractive to the gamer OR the painter in me.

    Uberdark was telling me this last week how much he wanted to win the painting contest. He was even converting a cool new model for it. But not now.

  13. I didn't delete anything either. Not our style.

    Feel free to repost or send it to me. I'll make sure it gets up and stays there.

  14. weird. looks like blogger's eating comments. not my doing again.

    Caanaan said:
    'Is there anything that I can buy with $5 besides a paint pot? It's literally not worth my time, gas, or the trouble of arranging kid-care to drive down to the South Store for a chance at that.'

    How about it 'being worth the trouble' of having a fun day and playing a game you enjoy? Wienas and I have discussed this at length, and I really feel like having a small cash prize ($20-40 like you say) for beating your opponent versus a trophy/plaque should have NO effect on your desire to play in an event. I mean, for that little money, if you are concerned about paying for the hobby, you could easily make that much at a minimum wage job in the time it takes to play in a tournament, rather than hoping you can win the tournament...

    If you are playing for the fun and the competition, as I see professed here on this blog regularly - shouldn't the challenge and enjoyment be enough already? Does the cash REALLY affect your enjoyment of the game that much?

    I mean, other than not guaranteeing the player with the most wins a marginally larger cash prize, what is really different about this event than most? It offers a 'no-soft score' competition with the chance to specifically pair oneself with other 'competitive' players. It also happens to give out door prizes in lieu of prizes for other more 'typical' winning metrics... Other than that, what is so stunningly off-putting?

    I don't agree with everything Nat is doing here, but it certainly doesn't bring up the ire that it does in some others. If you want a more competitive tournament - there is the G2D4 one the week prior. Additionally, I feel like the event at least deserves the chance to prove it’s value and fun prior to publicly attacking it. It’s like your mother always said – ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

  15. As most of you know I enjoy all kinds of 40K events. Even though this event isn't a tournament or "competitive" event I was considering attending. But then my brain started to try and make sense of it. Not a tournament so why an entry fee? An entry fee that doesn't get "paid" out. You see it's not that we want cash prizes, but we definately feel that our $ should be given back to us at the end of the day for whatever reason. Entry fees generate sales for the business hosting an event. I support this 100%, because without them we wouldn't have places to play. But I can't possibly fathom walking into a store handing them some cash then going home. I guess what I'm saying is I feel that I could still attend if 1) you removed prize payout to specifics and left them all random or door prizes 2) either remove entry fee or use them for top prizes which could easily exceed $5 3) come to grips that NO MATTER WHAT TYPE of event you run there will be some folks that only know how to play one way and that's WAAC. All of the above is of course my own opinions and in no way shape or form should they be associated with this blog or any affiliates. I would also like to state that I'm still considering attending this "day of 40K".

  16. I expect to have WAAC players. It's the nature of the beast and I am fine with that. The bottom line here is I am hosting an event that awards players for just playing and gives recognition to those players that have certain skill sets that set them apart from other players such as painting or being a good tactical player. I try not to call lists "WAAC" or "cheese" but there are many players that do. I will say that there are hard lists that from a player perspective are very point and click and make terrible players into tanks at a tourney and there are lists that are built to win and make no sense at all which some players find frustrating.

    As far as the $5. It helps buy additional prize support. The amount of prizes to be given away far and exceed 24 players paying $5 and the little bit of prize support that GW gives to stores.

    For those of you looking forward to the painting competition. I do apologize for that. I would be more than happy to hold a painting contest if enough players are interested but there would have to be a separate entrance fee. The reason it got cut was really for two reasons.
    1) There is a smaller field of players and so less money to be collected.
    2) The entrance fee was reduced to only $5. Once again there is less money collected for prizes.

    Entering a painting contest for money is far and away different than playing for money. Mostly because player attitude good or bad at a painting contest has little bearing on the results. Whereas when playing for money bad behaviors can help a player get what they want. It was simply cut due to funding.

    I just felt like a smaller entrance fee would help make the event a little more casual and instead of several big prizes I would do 1 category with a big prize that focuses on being an all around good player and everything else would be door prizes so that as I have said people get awarded for showing up and playing. The big prize payout for "Best in Show" is not coming from the GP or from entrance fee's it is covered by another sponsor and that is what that sposor wants the prize support to be used for. The GP and entrance fee provided support are going to door prizes and drawings.

  17. @Caanaan

    Every week I drive to different shops around town to play just one game of 40K with no prizes expected except fun and fellowship.

    But if I'm going to be gone all day (hard when you're a dad) for a special event, then I feel like the potential prize should be special too. It doesn't have to be huge, but it needs to be there, as a goal to strive for.

    If I win, I like to be able to point to a new Chimera or Russ and say "I won that!". It's another measure of advancement as a player.

  18. I was considering coming up with a few players from Dayton, but not anymore. I dont know why I would bother driving the 2 hours to the store, and paying the entry fee+food to not play in some kind of organized event. Ill stay local, save money, and have just as much if not more fun.

  19. The only tournament I never placed in the top 3 in battle point wise I won best sportsman. I win a lot of games, but I try to do it in a fun and friendly manner. This whole event organization shows all the signs of cry baby gamers. $5 for winning games, $5 for painting. $50 for best sportsmanship/comp/opponent scored soft score garbage. You do realize this opens the event up to chipmunking right? You do also understand that the jerks that show up to events arent always the ones with the best armies who win all their games. Some of the biggest jerks I have ever played against were people who lost. You could do $20 for each of the 9 prizes available.

    But this just seems like an event I want nothing to do with.

  20. @ scottydont... "All of the above is of course my own opinions and in no way shape or form should they be associated with this blog or any affiliates. I would also like to state that I'm still considering attending this "day of 40K"."

    lol. that kills me.

    @caanaan... I'm personally trying to figure out why I should be excited or even interested in this event anymore. I kind of want to see well balanced, fair tourneys run that encourage multiple prizes, and keep simple missions. I'd originally thought this might be one such event when SandWyrm and I were asked for our input. I'm not sure we were listened to, mostly courted because we've got loud voices on the intarwebz, and would talk about the event.
    When we balked about missions, we got harassed in return, and now are being told there's only going to be an 'event', and there will be prizes given out for what I feel are 'subjective' soft scores. Yet I feel I'm being told I should encourage and support this event?
    I'm feeling severely bait-and-switched.
    I'm disappointed the 'event' has dissolved like this. I know we've got groups from several hours away who were evidently looking forward to this event, and wanting to make a trip to Indy.
    I fully understand where Eidolon's coming from. I'm in a similar spot myself.

    I don't see why I should go pay someone $5 when I can just go to a different store this week and play 'different' people. Heck, there's a lot of people lately at GP North I've never played.

  21. in all honesty game preserve north is where to be. the players are almost always worth playing and you get some really great play in. not to mention all the making fun of each others moms. in fact, many of us will go for a quick drink after and laugh at the fun we had earlier in the night. and another IN FACT why not have the gp north store do a tourney? methinks ill have to talk to dan and pat about this. lol.

  22. I have read these posts and have seen them evolve into some negativity. Brothers always fight in a family and as we are a community we will have disagreements. The point is to try express oneself without hurting others.

    "I hear everyone"

    @Scottydont, Good to see you posting, finally!

    @strung muppet, I think you had alot of people excited about a tournament and are seeing some backlash from that changing. People may not express it the best way, but that is the root cause. In the service industry I have learned that when you give someone an expectation and change it, it seems like the world is ending. On mother's day at Red Lobster when I told a family 2 hours they were ok with the set expecation, but if it went 5 minutes over.... the world ended for them. (Psych 101 from your friendly neighborhood Space Wolf) I am sorry you are getting flak, but people are just shocked. It will wear off.

    @The Gravemind, We at G2D4 didn't DECIDE to have our tournament the week before. You were at the last tournament where we announced we would have a tournament at the beginning of February. In fact, we have one every 3 months, normally the 1st weekend of the month. I even emailed the group when Buckler asked FOR upcoming tournament dates. I also emailed Strung asking him to attend the tournament and we would pump up his tournament the following week.

    @Eidolin and Sandman, I feel you completely as I am tend to be the same way. I am not pumping our tourney here, but it will be posted soon.

    @EVERYONE, chill out a little and if you want to go play then go play and enjoy yourself, but if not, then don't. Kumbaya!


  23. It's none of my business, so disregard if you like.

    However, this is not a Tournament (I see it not really labelled as one, which is good!)

    It allows players to choose at what level they play - which is terrible, as it promotes WAAC playing (pick the noobs)

    The main prize is a popularity contest, plain and simple.

  24. Well you did decide to have it on the 5th, but I didn't mean to imply that it was to spite this event. not at all, simply, at some point in time, it was decided on. I would have loved to have back to back tournaments, I'm one of those people who don't get burned out gaming cause I normally play just for fun. I still look forward to the many upcoming events.

    and Spag, you know I don't listen well to announcements lol ;)

  25. This makes me very sad. I went out before new years and dropped almost $200 on models and have been holding painting parties with a group of dudes that were planning on making the trip over for this. Almost all of it painted now.

    I even called the store last week and this week(this very afternoon in fact) to see what was going on with this.

    The dude at the store said that this "tournament" was a definite go. Sadly this is not the case. ~I would strongly recommend improving your communications between the venue and the people who actually know whats going on.

    There were six dudes that were really happy to be making it out to this tournament. (Not cool to change things like this.) Two members of the group already made arrangements with their ex-wives so they would be able to have their kids the weekend before instead of that weekend.

    We even made sure that no one in our group was going to cheese out with msu wolves or blower. We were going to play really hard with some fun armies.

    That makes me sad. very sad.

    would there be anyone else in that area that would be willing to pick up the ball you dropped and run this tournament for you?

    sad sad sad

    I am usually a really happy guy.


  26. Well, after reading all of these counts of people planning on coming, from a good distance I'm really going to try and show him this and change his mind back. Hopefully soon to end the flip flop.
    If it goes back to the original plan, most of you guys would be cool and ready to go to it?

  27. To the people from out of town who wanted to come and play at a fun, competitive event: I see no reason that this is still not the case. There are certainly several players here who have expressed their displeasure with the format of this event. There will still be several players who have won local tournaments in attendance looking for fun, competitive play. The fact that cash prizes aren't handed out based on your win/loss record doesn't need to discourage people from attending. From what I hear, there will be a huge amount of prize support to be given out.

    The store on the south side of town is not running the tournament. We gamers on this side of town do not have an organized group like Hive Fleet Indy that organizes our events. The store doesn't run events, so the players run them. The event will most likely be held next door to the GP, with the building owner's permission. The organizer of this event is where you can get the most current, up-to-date information.

    @The_King_Elessar: I disagree that this type of play promotes WAAC playing, as a WAAC player gets nothing (aside from a refund of their admission) for stomping noobs. It's unfortunate that people would want to play in that manner, but they wouldn't be rewarded for such behavior in this format.

    Unfortunately, I can only attend one of these events myself. The gamers of Hive Fleet Indy do a fine job holding tournaments that are very consistent in quality. I know exactly what to expect from their events. I was on the fence about which I would attend, but I find myself curious about Strung Muppet's event, and think that there are some interesting aspects of it that could benefit the tournament scene as a whole. Do I think that it sounds better than other events in the past? No, just different. But there are enough aspects that sound fun that make me want to support the addition of new ideas.

    I ran the first local tournament using a win/loss scoring system early last year. We tried a lot of new things to try and add to the local tournament scene at a time when there weren't a lot of events. Almost no one showed up, so many of these ideas went unnoticed. Running an even takes a lot of effort and time, and should be congratulated. Two years ago, there were almost no tournaments in this area. Now, you can find at least one almost every month. That, to me, is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Having some events that are different from the others is a good thing, as it introduces new ideas that may benefit the group as a whole.

    I won't tell anyone which event to attend, but I'd like to see as many of the regulars attend as many of the events as possible. What's the worst that could happen? You pay $5, play 3 games and don't win anything? That sounds like a lot of events that I attend.

  28. @Wienas

    "@The_King_Elessar: I disagree that this type of play promotes WAAC playing, as a WAAC player gets nothing (aside from a refund of their admission) for stomping noobs. It's unfortunate that people would want to play in that manner, but they wouldn't be rewarded for such behavior in this format."

    - They get the pleasure of their curb-stomping. It's good the don't get rewarded, but, for instance - they may have thought they were going to go for 'proper' players, but then Sandwyrm goes, and they chicken out and ruin the fun of three other people they curb-stomp.

    It's not so much them being rewarded, as others suffering.

  29. @king: ok how is sandwyrm going gonna make others chicken out?

    as for me no im not goin, i had already switched weekends with the ex wife to get this done, and yesterday i told her to cancel. now people are talking about redoing it? im sorry but when you set a tournament and state the rules, scenarios and prize support, you stick with it.

    plain and simple.

  30. Completely agree with with uberdark here.

    My group has been play-testing the scenarios for almost 3 weeks now. changed weekends with the ex's just like yourself.

    I am not concerned with the cash to play VS the cash prize. I would be willing to pay 30 or even 50 bucks to be able to play in a high competition well run event with comparable prize out put.

    Where can i get information on the tournament for the week prior? I think maybe two of us may be able to make it out to that event. I would like to get my hands on the scenarios for that event to get at least a couple play tests per round under my belt.

    I REALLY hate to sound negative guys. I am usually a really fun guy. (no mushroom jokes here please)..... (ok one or two will be ok)

  31. Nobody will have to chicken out because of me. I'm not going.

    I'll keep poking the HFI guys until they get their packet up for the week-prior tourney. I know that they were talking 1500 points.

  32. I already changed my weekend as well and can't go back (ex-wife...I don't want to go back, lol).

    I will probably make it out to the G2D4, have to see about that one.

    Too bad about the whole ordeal though, it really is...

  33. The information for the G2D4 February 5th tournament will be up this week.

    The missions will go out two weeks before the tournament, January 22nd.

    It will be 1500 points.

  34. Where will this information be posted?

    Also how many slots will there be? I just got off the phone with two of my guys and they said they can make it. I also talked to another guy who wouldnt have been able to make the 12th and can make the 5th. so i would like to reserve a tentative 4 slots. I can pre-pay to hold them if need be.

  35. @keebler

    SandWyrm and I are in pretty close contact with the Hive Fleet Indy guys, and will get up info as soon as it becomes available.

    I know both SandWyrm and I are planning on making the Feb 5th tourney. Possibly even Uberdark.

    we'll see you there!

  36. Dodger3 is the TO for the HFI event on Feb.5th and is still working out all the details. I will take the blame for not having all this info out to the public sooner. It will be 1,500 pts and there will be a max of 32 players. You can pre-register for the event starting this Sat.8th by contacting Games2Die4.

  37. I will have everything posted no later than tomorrow evening! Promise!

  38. Hey Spags just finished things up with Dodger and everything is a go. Could you please hold off posting until tomorrow evening though? This will give us time to get things to the store before people start registering. Thanks.

  39. Is there any way you can section off 5 slots for me and I will prey pay and give you individual names for them when the list is public? coming from ohio and if just one or two of us can get on the list i will just be a sad guy again....

  40. The signups will be up tonight, so the simplest thing to do is just make sure you call and sign up tonight if you need multiple slots. It's pretty unlikely that we'll fill up in a day.

    Saturday is usually our big day, so as long as you sign up before then you should be alright.


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