Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Start of a New Year!

by TheGraveMind

First off I want to wish everyone a great start to the new year, and hope everyone had a good time ending the past year. I've been preoccupied with my Christmas gifts, namely Dragon Age origin. But I managed to pull myself away and check out the Blogosphere and look what I stumbled upon. Over at Rites of Battle, they have pictures of second wave Blood Angels. A sprue of the new dread, which is looking great, and a different angle of a Storm raven. I'm eagerly waiting for these models, which last I heard were still rumored for early Feb, and I'm hoping they are not getting pushed back to the GK release. Well, I know what I'm saving my extra Christmas money for.

Now lets see what we can learn from this. 1, I think it has more potential as a model than people are giving it, more angled shots will help show this. 2, look in front of the cockpit area. See how it is curved? I'm hoping that is a spot the multi-melta attaches to, and lets it pivot slightly in the front giving it a good firing arc. 3, We can note how the lascannons will attach to the turret, though I'm more interested in how the turret attaches to be honest.

Over-all the Dread has be very excited. Check out the plug above to see a larger picture on their site. You can clearly see (if you don't have bad eyesight and squint hard enough) one of the front plates has death company symbols, while another has a book and hood. Also on the sprue are Blood claws, though I'm wondering since I have only counted 6, so 3 each hand and then a thumb? And a pretty cool looking Glaive/force weapon/nemesis weapon.

So I hope to find more information on this, and I'll share it with you when I do. What does everyone think?


  1. I might be adding a couple more dreads to my Fleshtearers.


  2. That Dread sprue is pure win. The SR is pretty meh, though.


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