Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tactics and then some

by: Uberdark

So its been a bit since I've written anything, but after playing a few games of late I have really started noticing a lot of ways different people play and how those ways help or hurt their game.  tonight i played a great up and coming painter and gamer who has one of the most beautiful Smurf Marine armies out there, and he's only twelve!!

This kids Dad even helped him LED all his vehicles.  So lets talk about his army, first it was a great list, with lots of things that complimented each other, in fact there were quite a few things that had me sweating considering I was trying out a new list.  He played a great game, and although it was kill points, he made some tactical mistakes, his main issue was being afraid to run some things forward when he could have and obviously did not want to give up firing all of his weapons. So he kept back a land raider crusader for 3 turns and being that he did not move it, i moved most my troops around it.  this leads me to tactics mistake #1.

The"Keep it shiny and shoot" player.  Generally this person has no problem with list building and such but for some reason or another, generally its being a new player, they play too conservatively and end up giving the game to the player when they just don't move enough around and set up shots, or think ahead to what the other player is going to do.  Even if you have a crap ton of blast templates and shots are amazing, the enterprising opponent sees this flaw and works it to their advantage.  What I am saying here is, if your going up against someone, don't worry if you lose say a land raider, 'cause chances are the person has spent an entire turn keeping that beast away while the rest of your army moves up for the kill.

Which leads me to the second type of player: The "It ain't goin' in unless its got a power weapon, heavy strength or monstrous" guy.  This type of player has ungodly amounts of firepower, cheeses out on the biggest weapons and many times ends up just clubbing the player to death.  The downside:  enterprising opponents will see this and work around it, I am reminded of rhionnay doing this, now mind you he is one hell of a tactical genius but fights his games with a fierce tenacity, and many times I go home soundly beaten, but its just like my previous article, if you put too many eggs in one basket, well it can backfire, this means one must play to each army and be ready for anything coming at you.  If not, well, the baby seal clubs the clubber.

And finally I am reminded of Anonymous foodie:  The well balanced force:  Everything has something to help out each unit, you are ready to take on all comers and go home in glorious victory.  This works well, and I myself find I play in between the power weapon and well balanced force category.  The problem with this player is that sometimes they don't take the gamble to go all out.  I am reminded of Rommel, who was known for amazing tactics and precision hammer attacks.  He sometimes went all out though, and that is what brought him forward as a great military tactician.  This players downfall will be playing too conservatively and generally will lose do to the fact that they think too much.  Does this mean Foodie is gonna lose all the time?  Oh my no.  He does know how to play a balanced army, AND when to use his lictors.  lol.  -inside joke.

I am sure there are a ton more types of players out there, but I hope if one recognizes these types it can help them in beating there opponents soundly.  until next time, may MORK or was it GORK smile upon you.


  1. Just noticed the backdrop! :)

  2. gage: /facepalm..... dont forget boobs are a great tactic. throw some of them out there and your opponent won;t know what to do.

  3. This article reminds me of the first time I put my small chaos army on the table. I had Lucius hiding in a rhino and trying not to get dead. I got firmly and thoroughly stomped. I had the 'well, duh!' moment after I got home that night - Lucius is 160 points wasted if he isn't IN THE FIGHT. Next game, he was all about getting in and getting dirty. Great was the glory of the chaos gods that night. I guess this goes to your earlier 'noob' comment. I hadn't wrapped my mind around the strengths of my units and so played them in my standard default setting of 'keep it alive'.

  4. Solid post. Matching your army to the way your inclined to play is a definite YES thing. I've seen plenty of folks with superb army lists they've clearly been handed by some genius that just don't do what they want them to.

    Ach. You need to know what you're doing to have fun!


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