Saturday, August 9, 2014

FFG announces Star Wars Armada

by CaulynDarr

Read more here.  Much better direction than trying to fit more huge ships into X-Wing.  I'll take seven please.  Oh, wait.  Retails for $99.  OK, maybe not seven, but definitely getting this.

I think I may be done with games I have to build and paint.    I like the hobby aspects, but FFG is bringing twice the fun with less of a time commitment.  It took a decade, but someone finally figured out how to make pre-paints work.   Quality + Fun + Star Wars == Profit!

Still waiting for that Star Wars ground combat game Fantasy Flight.


  1. Not sure about this one. I am really not sure how many capital ship battles were fought in the rebellion. I find a good internal link back to the X-wing pc games. These models seem a lot like the star wars space game I think wizards put out last decade.

    1. These look like renders, but they do seem to be much better in quality than the WotC ones. I have a full set of the WotC Star Wars starship game, and they are very simple quality done in PVC with lots of warping and other manufacturing errors. I believe FFG will do the ships better justice in the same scale.

      There where a few PC games that resolved around capital ship combat. Such as Rebellion and Empire at War. The EU shows it happening a lot more than the films. The rebels tended to avoid major fleet combat like at Endor, but it doesn't mean they never engaged in any capital ship combat. A few rebel light capital ships supported by fighters versus as single SD like what's shown in the starter box are pretty common in the games and EU stories.

    2. I've got the same reservations as eriochrome, but I'm sure we'll get to try the game out next week at Gencon. I'll reserve judgement until then.

    3. Well I guess it is better to shift the scale down as opposed to try to add a Star destroyer to the X-wing game. I saw the discussions this week on YTTH. In 40K universe titans belong and work just fine in epic but not in WH40K.

    4. It's almost like FFG might be learning from GW's mistakes or something.

      But wait... Stelek says that's impossible! Surely ALL games must push huge models with poorly thought out rules on us!!! :P

    5. The weird part was using Planet Fall as an example when it's a 10mm game with the big mechs built into it from the start, like Epic.

    6. Nothing Stelek has argued for/against lately has made any logical sense at all. Which is why he can only 'win' arguments by editing/deleting others' comments. It's sad really.

  2. My gaming group is already is already drooling over this!

  3. I love X-Wing. At first glance, the mechanics for Armada don't look nearly as smooth or stream-lined... I'm sure our group will wind up with several copies though! ;-)


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