Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gencon: Palladium

by SandWyrm

Palladium was all over the map. Average booth, nice models to show off, and the crappiest presentation of those models that I've ever seen.

The Robotech plastics look really good!

And then they paint those models like complete crap.
So bad...
I'm not even sure they finished these.
Wait, didn't I see this same terrain over at the Dropzone Commander booth?

Since US Customs kept them from selling at Gencon, you can pre-order instead. Note the part about who gets models first.


  1. Professionally painted minis cost money and Palladium has never seemed like a company that spends a lot of money on those sorts of things. I think this is their first real miniature game. I really only know them from Rifts which I have looked at some and maybe played 1 or 2.

  2. The zentradi stuff has always looked nice. The Veritechs and other human stuff is disappointing in terms of engineering and seem placement. Backer consensus is that whatever happened between Ninja Division and Palladium happened after they finished the pods.

    This was their opportunity to show they can be in the big leagues, and they failed hard.

  3. Looks like they were using DZC starter set card stock buildings lol

  4. Failure would have been them blowing all the money and not getting the game out at all, which has happened with other Kickstarter projects. They may have had problems, but if the games succeeds and they attempt another in the future they should be much better prepared and able to set more realistic expectations on what they can produce.

    And as for the DZC building, why not use available resources even if they are from a different company. This isn't the almighty Games Workshop here, with their 'our products only' mentality. Many miniature games only concern themselves with their own minis and not the terrain. And some (like Flames of War) don't care whose mini's you use as long as they are the correct scale.

    1. Half of the promised game will be in backers hands nearly a year behind schedule. Still waiting. The second half probably won't be seen for 6 months to a year. They burned their bridges with a good portion of their backers along the way.

      I don't think they will be quite so successful if they try to crowd fund again.

  5. I wouldn't call this "complete crap", of course the pictures might not tell the whole story. That white Tomahawk is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. From hindsight perspective, it's most interesting to see that they had Wave 2 prototypes (Monster, Zentraedi Power Armors, Glaug Eldare, Max in Zentraedi uniform) on display in 2014! I just hope this bunch of frauds will in the end get what they deserve... :(


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