Thursday, August 7, 2014

Robotech Tactics Gets Held Up by US Customs

By CaulynDarr

Sorry to push your positive news piece off the top of the stack, Farmpunk, but...

That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life.

Called it.  All that bridge burning with the backers to sell at Gencon, and they won't even have it ready in time.  Really serves them right.  Schadenfreude feels much better than it really should

Of course they're totally prepared to pull off a heroic feat to get some boxes to Gencon if they can expedite customs.  To bad they don't ever seem prepared to put that much effort into appeasing the backers who payed 1.4 million dollars to make the game happen in the first place.   

As a bonus, we don't get estimates on wave two because we are mean mean meanies that get angry with them when their dates are wrong.  They should maybe try sucking less instead.  Seriously, what is it with people who run gaming companies?  Are Siembieda and Kirby in some kind of perverse competition?

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is way better than it has any right to be.  You should go see it.


  1. Pretty Funny. Customs can be a problem.

    1. It can be when your whole customs contingency plan is, "Hope we don't get tagged by customs."

    2. I was hoping somebody in customs was one of their disgruntled KS backers. ;-p

      As for wave 2, I was all to happy to vote 'no' to selling at gencon, as my wave 2 order is so far off as to be all but mythical at this point.

  2. Replies
    1. I would say it is the least kid friendly of the modern Disney/Marvel films. I think there had to be some kickbacks to the MPAA to get that PG-13 rating. The violence is typical of the other movies, and it's much more lighter than Cap 2, but the humor and language is very crude at times. If you don't mind your kids running around saying "Hey, he got my "dick" message!" (Makes sense in context), then I guess it's alright.

    2. I took my 6 year old (completely forgot to look at the rating but we're a bit more flexible in NZ anyway) I think a lot of the dark bits went over his head there's a few genuine dark moments that follow up quickly with some levity so I think it's okay there no direct blood on screen and kills occur off camera. I enjoyed it.


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