Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Ships For Star Wars: Armada (and more)

by SandWyrm

FFG was cagey on Friday whenever anyone asked about expansion ships for Armada, saying then that only the base set was planned. But coming back to the display case today revealed that they DO have plans for additional ships that you can buy once the game launches.

So I see a Gladiator Class Star Destroyer, Tie Advanced, Tie Bombers, and Tie Interceptors. On the Rebel side, I see an Assault Frigate (where's that from?), A-Wings, B-Wings, and Y-Wings.

That kind of variety about doubles my interest in the game.

Didn't show this before, but FFG is releasing a miniatures board game for Star Wars that looks very Space Hulkish. It's just a short step from there to a full miniatures battle game! Maybe next year?

And finally... We have the new ships for X-Wing. Talked to an FFG guy for a bit, and he said that these ships are the core of a new "Scum & Villainy" faction. They'll also be bringing out new cards for Boba Fett and the the HWK, so that those ships can be added to this faction as well. Should be  interesting.


  1. The spare cards and dials for Slave I and the HWK are in the most wanted box.

  2. The Assault Frigate Mk II is very peculiar. I can see that model's design antecedents in all sorts of things, but not in the old Assault Frigate. The more I look at it the more I can see commonalities, but it's fundamentally too rounded to remind me of the AF. I'm not complaining about the look - it's fine, nicer, truth be told, than the AF.

  3. I believe that the assault frigate appeared in an late 90s early 00s game called Star Wars Rebellion. The game was strategy based with an interesting space battle mode build in. The assault frigate was the last and most powerful ship you had access to as the rebels. When I saw the picture it brought back good memories of blasting with the death star (that you could blast ships with in the space battle mode). I still have my copy of the game somewhere... I should play it again

    1. I was addicted to that game. I found I had to break my copy of the CD to get any work done at uni! The AF was an advanced but middling ship, though. The Bulwark Battleship was the Rebs' answer to the Empire's Super Star Destroyers.

  4. I'm surprised the rebels won't get a Mon Calamari cruiser or a Dreadnought...

  5. Really good video of Team Covenant interviewing the current X-Wing game designers at Gencon:

    They tease some good stuff about Scum and Villainy.

    FFG is going to be taking my whole gaming budget for the foreseeable future.

    1. FFG really seem to be on track to inherit GW's position as the 800-lb gorilla of gaming. They have a very similar instinct for business, yet they also manage to combine with a level of business and development professionalism that GW never really had.


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