Monday, August 25, 2014

I'll Just Leave This Here...

by SandWyrm

Now if only I liked Star Trek: Attack Wing... Oh well.


  1. Yes, it looks pretty impressive :-)... Just curious, what is it about STAW you do not like? As I got into the game a bit later, I guess I missed some of the initial rough patches... Locally here it is quite popular, and while the X-Wing game is also popular, the few powerful builds (TIE Swarm, etc.) have kept a lot more players away... Maybe a third faction will fix this, but...

    1. You're local meta isn't too developed if it is still being dominated by TIE swarm. It's a solid build, but wave 4 has tons of tools to thin it out. And even before that 4 ship rebel builds were winning as many events as swarm. The top lists at Gencon nationals where mostly 2-4 ships.

      Also good asteroid placement can make swarms hard to maneuver.

    2. I bought the ST:AW starter set for a friend. Gameplay was meh, with 2 ships throwing 5 dice of shots at each other with only one die in defense. No reason to really maneuver at all. When my Star Trek fanatic friend got bored, I pulled out my X-Wing ships and we had a blast.

      That plus the low quality of the game's ships and cards put me off. I know it's popular around Indy, although I've also heard the guys at the store say that they sell 2 X-Wing sets/blisters for every one that they sell of Attack Wing. So it seems like the only reason to play it is because it's A) Star Trek, and B) Not as sucky as most Trek games.

    3. If someone wants to run a proper game for me though, I'll give it another go. :)

    4. :-) Yes, starter set and early ships were pretty much pointing out that Offense dominates with 5+ Attack dice vs the 1-6 Defense dice if you can get in Cloaking and a few other things... With most things being closer to the 1 end of the scale, not to mention that the dice themselves are weighted toward the Offense... More recently, there are some really good defensive builds that can compete quite well.

      Not sure which is actually selling better at the local store, I suspect STAW... Much larger variety with so many factions and card combos... Only getting out once/week to play limits my own perspective is limited... I play both, but find X-Wing to be much more limiting, but that is likely just me being spoiled with the binder full of cards for STAW vs. the wee tackle box of X-Wing stuff I have...


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