Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 'Ard Boyz Army

by SandWyrm

Having finally decided on a list for 'Ard Boyz and tweaked it slightly for the missions, I thought I'd post a picture of my Chimera Hoard. I could post a list but... nah

It gives me warm fuzzies to think that I only have 3 tanks and 12 infantry to go before this entire force is painted. :)


  1. I love you, Chumby :)

  2. I'll be honest, that is fewer tanks than I expected. Maybe my mind was exaggerating the number of tanks I would have to face.

    There is one more tank that I can't tell. Those silly metal boxes all look the same to me.

    And where are you playing Ard boyz at?

  3. mmm tanks. sweet delicious tanks.

  4. Very beautiful SandWyrm!

    Those Chim-conversions look even better en masse!

    Best of luck!

  5. It's east enough to figure the list from that pic, except for that one Chimera hull in the back. Forge World Hellhound?

    They all look great, btw.

  6. It's a Hellhound from the looks of it. Although it could also be any of the other newer versions.

    Shame there are no sentinels because the old chicken looking ones are funky lolz.


  7. It's looking great! I can tell you from experience, most of the armies at Chicago weren't painted; those that were drew a ton of attention.

    Good luck this weekend - Brent

  8. It's my own Hellhound conversion.

    I almost put the Sentinels in after the scenarios were posted, but I decided that the Hound was too central to my tactics. :)

  9. @TheGraveMind

    What? 15 armored vehicles isn't enough? :P

    Oh, and I'll be playing at the North Store on Sat.

  10. Do I really want to ask what Chumby's emoticon means?

  11. Fantastic looking setup there. I miss the sents. too but they are there in spirit with the "bitey" tank tread cover on the back tanks.

  12. I think Chumb's means conjoint-twins but I'm not sure....

    (thumbs up.... but I'll let him tell you, he gets grouchy and I'm already on notice at BnH :p)

  13. It's just a thumbs up, the most perfect expression of approval if ever there was one.

  14. huh. and I was thinking it meant:
    Proctology exam!

    boy am I glad I'm wrong. ;P

  15. List surplus to requirements. Great looking tallarns though.

  16. What is that on the top of your vendetta bases? I am trying to come up with something for mine, and cannot get motivated with anything yet. I kind of like the look but cannot zoom in for some reason.

  17. @Spaguatyrine

    It's the same thing I base all my guys with. Model railroad rock ballast, painted and drybrushed, with a mixture of different model railroad grass.

    I'll post something more detailed later this weekend :)

  18. Sandy! You're mental...have you ever considered having a display tray that's also based, and indented (such as, covered in WotR bases) so the army fits into, rather than onto, it?

    ...No, just me? :(

  19. we know he's mental, but we still like him.

    I think He's not done a specifically flocked and indented display board because the list changes enough for different point levels that it's annoying to have 5 different display boards.

    then there's the changing between Sentinels or a Hellhound, or using IG Stormies instead...

    I actually brought a small bulletin board to use for transport myself. I usually just use a box, and my chessex transport case. 2500's a bit larger than 1500pts though.

  20. @TKE

    Well, Edgar Allen Poe is in the family tree. ;)

    The scenery on the carry-board thing will have to wait until the army is fully painted. It's something of a reward I've promised myself for finishing what's been something of a 12-year project for me.

    But as Farmpunk said, I'm too much of a list tweaker to make a magnetized cubby-hole for every tank and fig. I'd be ripping it up and re-building it every other week.


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