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Ear to the Wall - Latest Dark Eldar Rumors

So it seems that more "solid" information is dripping out of GW's ever-clutching paws. Tastytaste from Bell of Lost Souls (and his own blog, I suppose) has brought a few more tidbits to the table.

Overall, a very alpha-strike-centric army.
This has always been true; the Hit Hard, Hit Fast idea was built in from the beginning... it's just that with newer armies getting tougher and stronger themselves, our efforts have been... erm... a bit lacking lately. Not to say I can't put up a fight, but I know what armies give me more trouble. In any case, it seems that the all-offense playstyle is still in full gear.

Three new Vehicles, such as;

A "Vyper/Razorback hybrid". Transport, weapon options... though I have to ask, how is this different from a Raider? Unless that itself is changing (to not have a big gun), we already have this in our list.

A "Fighter designed to take out other skimmers". So an Eldar Hydra? My main question on this is... why? One thing I'd like in the army would be a Pulsar/Autocannon equivalent, but that's just helpful against transports in general. I could see the Dissintegrator going to a S7 AP2 Hvy 3 gun, rather than a blast (probably giving the low-strength shot a blast, if it's even kept)... more in line with the standard missle launcher-esque profile, and giving us a much needed gap filler.

A "Bomber". So... something with large blasts? That would be nice to clear out some ork hordes. I could see the Raven making it into the codex, but I don't know that would work... losing the flier rules puts it (currently) as a Vyper, basically. Though if it had two lances and then the above 3-shot dissintegrator, I'd be interested. Actually, I just want that weapon loadout for Ravens in general... then I'd start taking them instead of Nightwing rules.

Combat Drugs Streamlined. Honestly, I quirk my brow to this. So a single chart with 6 options needs to be simplified? Okay, so bikes/hellions become fearless instead of getting a 12" charge (because they're on vehicles, of a sort, not on foot). But how much more streamlining can you do without just calling it Furious Charge? I am just glad that Cruddace does not get to go near them.

Mandrakes get Scout (I assume) to replace their current deployment. Worst. Change. Ever. Way to take something awesome and fluffy and make it pathetic and useless. Yes, please put my 10-man T3 5+ guys out in front of the rest of my army. Alone. With pistols. Yeah. That was a good idea.

The "Melta-Lance is confirmed". Down to S6, but gains melta, and a 12" range. So it would seem that the Blaster is getting a redux. Shrug. Having to come within 6" of a vehicle to scare it will be annoying at times, but it does set us apart from the Craftworlders. And I wonder if the Dark Lance would get the same treatment. Our (assumed) main Anti-Tank dropping to S6, but with an 18" melta range... with modified deployment/webway rules, I'd be pretty excited, and would take the trade. Though if I have to fly in from the board edge, I doubt I'd ever get to make a melta shot before getting blown out of the sky.

There are a couple others, but I either don't care or it's really not much of a change (or so it seems). The Autumn release date is poked at again, so... maybe.

A couple new ideas of my own (and some stolen from various names on various forums, credit not given because they'll never see this... buwahaha);

Advanced Stabilization - Raider/Ravager upgrade, allowing them (and any passengers) to shoot as if the craft had moved 6" less. Basically a Ravager could move 12" and unload fully, Raider could move 18" (getting that 4+) and shoot, or move 12" and the squad inside could also shoot. This idea is semi-stolen/influenced by people over on 40konline (Khodexus springs to mind, as his oft-spammed Update Codex has a similar upgrade).

This would add to the overall mobility of the army, keep with the alpha-strike theme, and in general lead to more pirate-y zipping around of Raiders and Ravagers. Win.

Webway Portals are in rather severe need of a redux. Now, you could go the route of an awesome Deep Strike or mass outflank to represent a Portal open somewhere, or you could keep a physical portal method (similar to what we have now), and just change how it's deployed. I'm going to take a que from Apocalypse and go with a Deep Striking portal. Same cost (50 points), it DS's onto the table. Done. You could get fancy and give it the same "safe deep strike" that a lot of delivery systems now have... and considering that losing it is usually the same as losing 90% of your army with one bad roll, some would argue for it. Then again, as it has no wounds it can't take a dangerous terrain test, and the mishap table is infinitely more forgiving than old rules. It could work as standard. I'd use it, at least. Even if it was the same as now, but gained the old Ulthwe "open upon death" rule (instead of just losing everything), I'd still use them. I just want my Portals back... so fluffy, so fun.

So there's the latest (plus a couple of my own ramblings). We'll see what happens...


  1. Looking forward to DE in a big way. I like them back when they first came out, but the models were just too fugly.

  2. I must be missing something about the Melta-Lance.
    Compare it with the Fire dragon fusion gun at 6" against an AV14...2d6+8 against a 14 or 2d6+6 against a 12? Isn't that the same? And it only gets worse from there with the fusion gun being better against and AV under 14.

    I've never played DE, so I'm assuming they must not have had a Melta weapon before. That makes this Melta-Lance a nice addition...otherwise...meh.

  3. You be correct, Ranger Rob... a standard Melta gun is by all means better.

    Which is annoying.

    The current Blaster is just a short-ranged Lance weapon (with the standard-to-Eldar S8). So this change, in and of itself, has pro's and con's.

    Now, if it remained at S8 and maintained those extra keywords, then it'd really be something. Of course, the real question of the day is "do our long-ranged lances get the Melta rule as well?". I could probably shrug off the downside to the Blaster if I got an 18" melta range on a S6 Dark Lance. Barring the Monolith, this would be one of the best anti-tank weapons in the game. As easy as it would be to get within proper striking distance, needing 7 on 2d6 to Pen is pretty sweet.

  4. By simplifying the combat drugs, they are probably talking about doing away with the random results. It's much better to know that your stuff will work consistently.

    As for the st 6 melta-lance versus a standard melta gun argument; cost and availability matter a lot in the equation. You can't really say if it will be good or bad until you see the codex as a whole.

    They've done very well with the 5th edition codex's and I'm sure we'll see another dynamic codex with lots of viable options.

    I'm more interested in seeing what Jes Goodwin has done with the model range. New DE models where supposed to be percolating in the design studios for a while. Pretty models and good rules will help make DE a main stream 40k army.

  5. Well, as Blasters are currently 5 points and available in nearly every single squad, I can't see it getting much better.

    And that sort of "streamlining" is part of what I fear... when Cruddace turned all of my Bio-morphs into USR's, I kinda wanted to punch him in the face. Still do, a bit... altering the statlines was one of the most buggy things you could do.

  6. Oh biomorphs, how I miss thee!
    A hopeful compromise would be on a D3, less things to remember and a better chance for what you want. More likely than not, they will change to USRs, seems to be the trend of the new books.

    Nids: furious charge, poison
    Wolves: acute senses, counter assault
    BA: furious charge, FNP
    They are making everything standardized with USR now. so DE will probably get some offensive rules. Crons are rumored for FNP and rending. sigh communism I tell you!

  7. There are two problems with "fixing" the current drugs.

    First off, furious charge (in all likelihood what it would be) is not good for Wyches. They're an attrition unit, not a death-by-charge unit.

    Secondly, different drugs let them do different things, all combat oriented. +1 Attacks or Strength, as well as re-rolling misses, all do about the same thing (mathhammer wise). So yes, this could be combined to preferred enemy, or +S, or whatever. But +WS makes them extra durable as they're hit on 5's by 90% of things. Extra charge range is simple, but gives you a huge threat bubble. Always Strikes First... well, with I6 and grenades, this is usually moot, though it does make Banshees cry.

    They could be cut down to three options without hindering things much (although there's some difference when +S doesn't affect the Agoniser), but to just slap a USR on them would be a crime.

  8. I have a feeling that they will simplify the drugs to exactly mimic USR's. It is sad as I like the combat drug system as is. If they only change it some instead of entirely, I guarantee always strikes first will change to Initiative 10. Much like how the banshees changed. I can see extra charge range makeing them move like cavalry. Preferred enemy, furious assault. The sad part of all this means that the unique bonuses granted due to combat drugs kinda goes the way of the squats. But I am sure they will do more to make everything interesting. I honestly hope that the dark eldar weapons get a good revamp to make most of the rapid fire weapons assault weapons as they should have been. Just made more sense to me. For an in your face army they certainly can't rapid fire and assault right now which blows.

  9. How about if it becomes:
    Every turn, choose one of the following effects;
    * - Move as Cavalry.
    * - Gain the Furious Charge USR
    * - Gain the Feel No Pain USR
    * - Gain the Stealth USR.

    Okay, Stealth was because I got stuck. lol

    Either way - it both uses USRs, and is far more streamlined.


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