Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Ard Boyz Results At Saltire

by SandWyrm

Courtesy of Steve (Protem):

First Place: Protem's Foot Marines
Second Place: Luke Tansy's Blood Angels
Third Place: Andrew Dick's IG

We still need results for G2D4 & GP-South. If anybody knows who won in Brownsburg or Anderson we'll post those too.


  1. Steve's a good player, and the scenarios gave him a huge advantage. So it's not surprising he took first.

  2. my last game was against 7 land raiders. i was able to kill 5, and none of his units left his deployment zone. the most anyone else got in the day was 1.

    my army is built as a meat grinder. i usually hope to just grind down the opposition and win by simply having more active models.

    i was actually pretty surprised i did as well as i did. i totaled over 6000VP for the day, but i gave up around 4500.

    here's the list :
    HQ (Librarian) 175
    Librarian (100), vortex (0), might of the ancients (0), epistolary (50), terminator armour (25)

    HQ (Librarian) 125
    Librarian (100), terminator armour (25), null zone (0), vortex (0)

    ELITE (Terminator Assault Squad) 400
    Terminator Assault Squad (200), additional (40) x 5, thunder hammers/storm shields (0) x 5

    ELITE (Terminator Squad) 460
    Terminator Squad (200), additional (40) x 5, assault cannon (30), cyclone launcher (30)

    ELITE (Venerable Dreadnought) 200
    Venerable Dreadnought (165), twin autocannon (10) x 2, extra armour (15)

    TROOP (Tactical Squad) 205
    Tactical Squad (90), additional (16) x 5, flamer (0), lascannon (10), power fist (25)

    TROOP (Tactical Squad) 200
    Tactical Squad (90), additional (16) x 5, melta gun (5), multi melta (0), power fist (25)

    TROOP (Tactical Squad) 195
    Tactical Squad (90), additional (16) x 5, melta gun (5), plasma cannon (5), power weapon (15)

    TROOP (Tactical Squad) 190
    Tactical Squad (90), additional (16) x 5, melta gun (5), missile auncher (0), power weapon (15)

    FAST ATTACK (Attack Bike) 50
    Attack Bike (40), multi-melta (10)

    FAST ATTACK (Attack Bike) 50
    Attack Bike (40), multi-melta (10)

    FAST ATTACK (Attack Bike) 50
    Attack Bike (40), multi-melta (10)

    HEAVY SUPPORT (Thunderfire Cannon) 100
    Thunderfire Cannon (100)

    HEAVY SUPPORT (Thunderfire Cannon) 100
    Thunderfire Cannon (100)

    Points : 2500

  3. G2d4 is still going on, please hold.

  4. wait, is that the Saltire games in Indianapolis run by one Brian Harms?

  5. I dunno, Lauby. I'm horrible with names. I've met the main guy, but it was last July/August.

    He's been involved with GenCon, if I remember correctly.

    here's there website:

  6. yeah, I think that's the store he manages.

    Dethron and I went to high school with Harmsey.

    small world.

  7. brian is no longer at saltire, but he was the manager while he was there.

  8. GP south.

    Evil T's green tide

    Bluemoon's nurgle marines

    .... um.. space wolves I think.

    I came in Fourth. It was close rankings with second, third and fourth place all separated by 1 point each. I could/would have done better if I hadn't gone with my "get one hour of sleep that night" plan.

    Good game to everyone!

  9. @TheGraveMind

    Yeah, that plan never works. :)

    How many players did the South Store have?

  10. @Steve

    You were able to kill 5 land raiders with 3 attack bikes, a couple strength 8, and one strength 9 shot a turn?

    How did you manage to pull that one off? Did he not focus on killing those bikes first? Did he only have Redeemer/Crusaders and have to get within assault range to threaten your terminators?

  11. Hey Steve,

    If you write up a report of your games, I'll post it here on the blog.

    Just send it to:

  12. on the way. i meant to take pictures and notes of each game, but i forgot. besides, i'd rather play than do that anyway.

  13. It was just 7 land raiders. The guys inside never got out and the raiders never moved. If I recall correctly from watching, a librarian took out two, I think the lascannon got one or two and I know the assault cannon rended its way through two, maybe three of them.

  14. @dd0029

    That would require some extremely good luck. I take 4 Lascannons in my 1750 marine list just so that I might get a stun or immobilized result on a land raider. I never expect them to kill one. Getting two with a single Lascannon that isn't even twin linked is very unlikely. Same thing with getting a Land Raider with an Assault cannon, you need 3+ then a 6, then a 5+, and then another 4+. It's like 2 out of every 100 assault cannon shots should kill a Land Raider, and 3 out of 100 for the lascannon. Even the Libby should only have about a 15% chance of killing one in a single shot.

    All that shooting combined is only about as efficient as a single multi-melta at 12 inches. I'd expect 1 or 2 kills from that with good rolls over the course of a game, but not 5. I run more dedicated Anti-Tank -bar all the strength 8 melee- in my 1750 marine list, and have trouble facing 2 Land Raiders.

    His opponent messed up though. He had two advantages, mobility and armor, and he gave up his mobility by not moving. I'm curious what was riding in those Land Raiders as I would have gladly fed all my troops to those terminators to save my Land Raiders in that scenario.

  15. "That would require some extremely good luck." There's a reason we joke that he has sold his soul and no one else is "allowed" to use the purple dice.

  16. i have never been joking when talking about that.

    basically, a single marine with a melta gun is like a squad of 10 firedragons when steve rolls the dice.

  17. saltire's results are up :


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