Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All your mans are belong to us

by Anonymous Foodie

Just a quickie here before I sneak off for a pre-raid nap...

I have plans for a bit of a specialty game tonight, a bit of a revamp of the Slave Raid scenario... just simpler. The goal? I try to slave your HQ('s). Yours? Keep them alive.

Obviously this wouldn't work with all armies, and for purposes of this mission the hunted have to be joined to a unit as much as possible (who wouldn't want some friends nearby if a slave raid was targeting them?), but against Eldar it should be an interesting game.

Victory conditions are simple - slaved HQ = point for me. Alive HQ = point for him. Dead HQ = moot point (they're just no fun if they don't scream).

So here's the question; Who else has tried mixing it up a bit with your own custom scenarios? House rules and such are often encouraged in all of the books, but do any of us heed that advice? Has anyone really tried a fluff-based narrative campaign, where while one game is impossible to actually win, surviving long enough helps you in the next? Or making rules for a single squad of marines trying to make it through a Tyranid-infested forest to the drop point where a Valkerie is waiting to take them away?

Tried something new lately to spice up our fictional lives? Let's hear it.


  1. that sounds like a kind fun scenario. unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to play tonight. maybe stop by to let 'em know what I want for 'ard Boyz Prize support.

  2. That sounds pretty neat. To be perfectly honest I haven't thought much about custom scenarios, so I'd have to put some thought into it.

    Capture the flag might be interesting.

  3. Could I saw you to Chaos, sure we a crappy codex (fluff wise)but our fluff was great and we got spikes. Don't need to decide right now, but just think about how cool spikes are....

  4. It was fun, in theory... until my Dark Lances decided to do what they do best... fail. I have some stories about those guys...

    I swear, I need to paint up some former gunners and hang them from Raiders as an example.

    Still, good times, and I like being able to mess around with custom games now and again.

  5. Sounds like an interesting variant. :)


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