Monday, May 16, 2011

Hivefleet Indy May 14th Spring Tournament

by Spaguatyrine

The tournament at Games2 Die 4 was successful and had 34 players from all over Indianapolis and the surrounding areas such as Kokomo, Muncie, Evansville, and Greenwood.  There were a lot of great looking armies and dice rolling.

So as posted originally, we were trying a new scoring system in this tournament. We would like your opinion of how it went.

What are your thoughts. Yes or No. If you want to expand on why that is good also.

Basically, we tried a flames of war point system where a win was worth 5 points. If you achieved your own personal goal and won you got 6 points. If you stopped your opponent from achieving his goal, won, and achieved your goal you got 7 points.  In the loss you got 0, +1 for achieving your goal, and +1 if you stopped your opponent from getting their objective. So you could get a max of 2 points for a loss. 

There was a best general award that only had win/loss involved in the total points, and a best overall, or Renaissance man that combined sportsmanship, painting, and generalship.  The following results are below.

Name                                                Place                        Rank                           Pts
Aaron Aleong  (Spaguatyrine)          Best General overall        1                               91.72
Jim Bennie                                        1st Best General Tied     2                               87.23
Nick Mansfield                                 2nd Best General Tied    3                               82.67
Jared Deremer                                  1st Best General Tied      4                               80.73
John Brothers  (Uberdark)               Best Army                       5                               80.39
Luke Tansy   (Luke)                                                                 6                               76.32
Justin Curtis   (Dodger3)                 2nd Best General Tied      7                                74.80
Stephen Kennedy                                                                     8                               72.66
Bryan Lerg                                       2nd Best Army                9                               70.79
Nik Maier  (The Gravemind)           3rd Best General             10                              70.78

If you want to know your placing and missed them you can email me at Spag's Email

Other notables:
Best Sport: Johnny Mcginnis (JROCK).
Best Argument: The TO (ScottyDon't) and Dodger3.
Funniest moment: When Rhionnay was picked and turned upside down. He almost crapped in his pants.
Best Douche move: Spaguatyrine walking up to get his award before his name was even called.
Coolest Hat: Jason Turner.
Coolest Display Board: CaulynDarr and JROCK.
Best picture: GeekProtem mounting an unnamed player as he was trying to get his models set up.
Newest Army: Nate Haggard playing 50 Grey Knights. (And leaving his Librarian all by his lonesome)
Best broken arm: Paul Schutte (pshutte).
Most Cigarette breaks: The TO, Scottydon't. Really?????

I will give my thoughts about the test system after we get some feedback from all of you! Thank you so much for coming and we cannot wait to do it again soon.


  1. Thanks for the props regarding the hat :). I liked the scoring system, and I thought that it bridged the gap between the randomness of battle points and the 4-way tie for 1st boredom of a one-day win/loss system.

    I'm entertaining the idea of incorporating this (with a few minor changes) into our tournament in July. I think that a player should get to use the same personal objective in multiple games if he so chooses. Either that, or there should be a longer list of possible choices.

  2. Give an old man with a bad back that had to run back and forth between 2 buildings some slack. I took zero "breaks" in the first round, 1 in the second, and two in the third. So sorry.

    Seriously thought, THANK YOU to everyone in attendance for behaving like people should.

  3. Thanks for running an awesome tournament, Scott! I had a great time at my first ever 40K tournament even though fighting Nighbringer was hugely frustrating in my last game (I didn't understand the phase-out rule, so I went after the wrong targets).

  4. The format we where using still suffers from being a BP system. It still rewards degree of victory, though in a more limited fashion.

    I think the best solution is to make Ren-Man the top prize. Beyond that it should be equal reward for equal record.

  5. I think before i could make any judgement I would like a small amount of clarification. When you say "your own objective" is that referring to say one single physical objective or does it mean a predefined objective such as "take and hold that bunker over there"?

  6. I think we need a whole other article on the "objectives" used. I know some of the ideas we tossed around that led to this, but I don't know what the final format was since I couldn't attend.

  7. First off, great tournament guys. Scott - well done. Secondly, I enjoyed the scoring system, though I agree with Wienas on some tweeking. Personally, I thought the personal objectives could be worth more points, maybe 2 instead of one. As far as not being able to pick the same one, I'm kinda up in the air about. I like seeing players have to think about how to use their army in a way they're not necessarily used to having to do, however, some armies just only do one thing well. Anyhow, I liked it better than straight win-loss.

  8. Well done on the event.

    I liked the system but would throw out the idea of altering points based on which objective determined the win. For example if you win the primary its a 5-0 victory. If you win on the secondary it becomes a 4-1 victory and if you win on the tertiary objective it goes down to a 3-2 victory and then add in points for personal objectives.

    I know this is much more like battle points but because of the objectives its not. I just like the idea that a game that comes down to the tertiary should not counted the same as a game that was determined by the primary. It's not about how bad you beat somebody its about accomplishing the mission objective.

    Now for lessons learned.
    1) halberds are expensive
    2) psycannons are not reliable anti-tank even 15 of them.
    3) Grey Knights do not like flamestorm cannons
    4) When your librarian charges wounds and goes to Force Weapon Mephiston you will roll box cars
    5) Stop buidling armies out of left over stuff the night before an event.

    Congrats to The Graveemind on a wonderful job of wiping me off the field. For a guy who "never wins" I think he did very well.

  9. My suggestions on the points were also only for a point system like the one that was used for this event. I still like the W/L system as well.

  10. My thoughts are that I liked the scenarios not being put out until the actual match. I am not sure I liked the FOW set up. I did like that there was a way to break the ties without having to play forever, but the personal objectives that raised or lowered the score. Not sure. Now I actually did like that you couldn't use the same one. You could definitely tailor your army to always get the let's say annihilation points.

    @strung muppet. Never leave the best thing in your army by itself with Mephiston around! Even if you did wound him, he has a psychic hood and could have countered it anyways. :)


    There were 4 personal objectives you could choose from. You had to choose 1 before deployment but after you traded army lists. You could also only select the same objective once. As I remember them they were:

    Annihilation-Destrooy your opponents most expensive unit

    Hold at all cost-Choose a piece of terrain in your deployment zone. This counts as an objective for you and any model in your army can hold it. It must not be contested.

    Recover supplies-Scatter your personnal objective 2d6 from the center of the board. You must secure the supplies/objective without your opponnent contesting.

    ???-Have more troops in your enemies deployment zone than he does in yours.

  11. @ Spag

    I will gladly discuss my choice not to have the Librarian in a unit. If I could have gotten more guys into assault with Mephiston I would have. The problem is I need to get the assault on him to win the combat. My Librarian was the only one in my army who could make it into assault and had I joined a unit it would have made no difference in the outcome. Other than that my librarian was not in a unit becuase he didn't need to be. He was hidden and centered in the army where he could be the most useful. I feel my tactical flaw was relying on Pyscannons and psybolt stormbolters to disable AV11 tanks and AV10 in the rear. When they failed me it didn't take but a moment for The Gravemind to capitalize on it. Good play by him.

  12. wow. now that was a tough tournament. greg k. was by far my favorite game of the day. we just slaughtered each other, and in the end my win was literally down to the third objective. why i had to pull spag on the last game i dont know. lol. he talked of giving money to get me. so im sure thats what he did. lol. probably because of my awesomeness, he wanted to be standing next to my brilliance. and yes thats sarcasm. lol. good day, good people, and a great tourney.

  13. I had a great time. I don't get out much so having a whole day of 40k is a big deal for me and I always appreciate when a tournament is well run. This tournament felt like they did back in third edition with the unreleased scenarios and the renaissance prizes (which I loved though now I need to finish painting my army).
    It was different but I liked the scoring system overall. It seemed fair and that's all that really matters to me. As for the objectives I think its more interesting when you and your opponent aren't necessarily going after the same thing so having different goals was a fun twist. Having to choose a different objective each time is great as it forces people to play a little differently each time. How can you determine best general if no one is ever pushed out of their favorite game plan.

    Overall solid event and I look forward to beating face at the 4x4.

  14. Well good news. Next time, if I can make it, I will take home the most smoke breaks without a problem. I smoke more than mine and Scotty's fair share. How do you think the tabacco companies keep getting all that money for those failing stop smoking adds.

    Also if anyone has a picture of Rionnay being turned upside down. We would all love to see that!

  15. You should have seen it! I couldn't take the picture as I was the one turning him on his head! LOL

  16. as i recall, i think you were about to pass out from hefting his butt into the air. hehe. old man. ;)


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