Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My thoughts on Thawn

by Anonymous Foodie


My first game against Thawn (and Farmpunk's non-Purifier GK's) was last night at the good ol' game store.  The list itself is pretty solid (although low-ish on long-range fire, which helps my DE a lot), and also the same that he took to Kokomo for the shenanigans there.

But today, we focus on Thawn.
Worth the points?  Yeah.

Broken?  Eh.

He's good.  As much as I wish he wasn't his own scoring unit (contesting would be pretty powerful on its own, as well as KP denial), if any army is going to get a bonus scoring unit, GK's (with their low model count) probably deserve it.

you assured me that its total lack of movement was due to it bein' tired, and shagged out following a prolonged squawk.

Besides, the guy just looks so cute during his power naps it's hard to stay mad at him for long.

Like anything else, you have to plan around him.  Yes, he will be getting back up (every turn after dieing 4 times in my case).  In terms of killiness?  Nothing terribly special.  So yeah you have to babysit him, but as a result it doesn't take *that* much of a unit to do a decent job of it.

That said, Thawn did (at least almost) hold the power to pulling a tie game instead of (happy dance) one of my first wins over farmpunk.  At that point the store was closing and we were both rushing and sort of half-moving things that we thought were important to get done as fast as possible.  I'm pretty sure we forgot to even roll to see if we *had* a turn 6.

At the end I had Warriors on each Objective (we just dubbed the Bastions in each corner to be the bases, and you had to be in or touching them).  His Strike Squads that hopped down from their magical spezz ships to gather on the objective in my corner, while Thawn ended up running at the other.

Thawn had the movement to give the bad touch to my objective for a contest (although I also had 3 Raiders that could have formed a wall around it had I given much thought to them.  Also one had a unit inside that could have made a nice speed bump as well).

Likewise the Strikers that moved away from the Objective to get a clear shot at my Warriors (who would have had both cover and Feel No Pain from lancing the Vindicare) could have just hugged it in the end instead.

A bit convoluted at the end because, like I said, we were both in a rush.  But hey, who said battle would be easy?

Thawn?  Annoying.  Better in Close Combat, when you can send him after 1 of 2 objectives, but in most other games he'll be good, but not over the top crazy.  I still get a KP for the rest of the Termies.

Grey Knight Librarian snow globe added to the collection

If nothing else, I now have a Grey Knight Libby in my magical Snow Globe o' Souls.  Win.


  1. I think I might need to model a fresh grave with an arm reaching up for the ZombieThawn marker.

    THAWN Smash!

  2. thawn's a wuss. i was making fun of his mom last night and he went back and cried. btw good job joel!

  3. I found the old lead-in pic offensive. Replaced with Connery from Highlander.

  4. This may be slightly off your topic but definately related. As I have no other way of contacting FarmPunk I'm using this post to do so. FYI for the tournament this Saturday. Once Thawn-a-tron dies and becomes his own "zombie" unit it will be ruled in the following ways. First and I think most obvious is that he will count as a scoring unit. Second is that he will be worth his own victory points for table quarters. And last he will count as a seperate KP if he is dead or "down" at the end of the game. Feel free to discuss this with me in any fashion possible. Thanks.

  5. I think you're right on Thawn.

    He's a scoring unit, (as he's a troop).

    yes, He should count for his own points for table quarters IF he's separate. (115pts)

    I also suppose for KP's he'd be a separate KP if he's separated from his unit. I think this one might be debateable though. He's an upgrade for a unit....

    It's probably easiest until he's FAQ'd to count him as a separate unit. I'm tempted to say if he and his unit exist at the same time on the board in two places, they're different KP's. If he sticks with his squad, and the squad gets killed off with him being last man standing, I can see an argument for them being a single KP.

  6. Make sure you play it that Thawn comes back on a 4+ every turn, not the "goes into reserve and comes back on a smaller number" thing like you did at the tournament.

    Only having a 50/50 chance of coming back each turn makes him mostly annoying, not broken, IMO.

  7. He IS different from St. Celestine, the only OTHER character with a ressurection (I can theink of)

    Celestine goes into reserve, and is subject to reserves-like rules. (4+ for her first turn down, 3+ second turn, etc.)

    I used to use her frequently. She's kinda fun/annoying.

  8. Yeah all the above rulings are for when Thawn has become seperated.

  9. I found the new lead-in pic random and out of place. Replaced with something actually relevant.

  10. Pic didn't have a background and was very slow to load. Replaced with something similar to what you picked. :)

  11. The picture keeps changing! BTW I already have a zombie mini, and a Hand reaching up marker if you need/wish to borrow it on saturday.

    This continues my tyranids count as GK idea.

    Thrawn = old one eye

  12. I appreciate the offer. I think SandWyrm's said he's got some zombie arms I can play with.

    I'm not going to be going to the tourney Saturday. I'm headed to my parent's farm in S. Illinois for the weekend. Prob. do some plowing or spraying.

  13. Well, another post that was lost. I have a hand/grave model if you want to borrow it on saturday. also have a zombie if you're feeling it. haha.


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