Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spaguatyrine and Ardz Boys Semi-Final!!!!!!!!!!!

by Spaguatyrine

So I decided to switch back to Space Wolves after finding out there was no Dawn of War deployment.  Great move because my plan worked out well.  Of course I figured I would have to play grey knights which knocked me off the top spot at the invitational. But this time I was ready....

I BROUGHT NJAL!!  And yes he was absolutely amazing!  Of course I played 2 grey knights players in rounds 1 and 2. And let me tell you, he stopped every psychic power after turn 1 except 1. 

Game 1 vs Draigo/Crowe wing

A great player that had:

5 paladins all different with 2xpsycannons, 1 hammer, and rest halberds
2 10 man purifier squads with all halberds and psycannons-2 rhinos (1 with psybolt ammo)
3 5 strike squads with psycannon, halberd, and swords-Razorbacks with psybolt ammo
Crusader with Psybolt ammo (Not smart) and multi melta
Storm Raven
2 psyfleman dreads

I had first turn and dropped to pop his landraider with 4 combi meltas. So instead I immobilized it, blew off its Multi Melta and Assault cannon. Ugh!!! It should have died!

I also immobilized his storm raven, and a razorback, while shaking another razorback.  I moved everything else forward and popped smoke creating a huge everything has cover except Njals Rhino which I made a mistake! (I know)

I don't think he was used to seeing longfangs and thunderwolves so he was unsure of what he should do. He moved forward with the dread, and a razorback and shot. He blew up Njals Rhino (of course), shot and killed 1 WG that dropped, shot at the thunderwolves. 

Turn 2 the scouts come in behind the Landraider(Nice). I move forward more with the Rhinos and Thunderwolves and I don't destroy a single vehicle in shooting.  so 10 krak missles, 2 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons, and living lightning.  But I immobilize everything! Frustrating but I am ok. Except the the 2 meltas into the back of the raider do nothing. I do assault the Landraider and an empty rhino and blow it up but again forget I have melta bombs for the Landraider. (stupid idiot)  This is why you shouldn't take things you never have without playing them. I never take melta bombs on my scout. 
I move forward 12" and jump out and pop a Razorback with 1 GH pack.  I decide not to get too close as he hasn't brought out Draigo yet from the raven.  I decide to move my 3 wolfguard into assault with the dread. I figure I can hold him a few turns.  Nothing happens in combat. 

His turn 2 he gets draigo out ans shoots my forward (feeding squad) kills all but 2. He cannot make assault as he is more than 6" due to me taking models off, he explodes 2 rhinos with psybolt razorbacks. Ugh!  Crowe comes in and kills 1 scout and I crush him with my powerfist Sgt. Yeah!

My turn 3 is where I basically win the game.  I no that I shouldn't assault the paladins until I soften them up. I put a lot of ap1 and 2 fire and only do 2 wounds. I run my Thunderwolves back instead of charging and feed him a 6 man GH pack to bait him instead of assaulting my TWC. He needs a 6 to get to my TWC thru terrain, or a 3 to the GH pack. He decides to go the GH pack.  My next turn I basically get to shoot and do 1 more wound, but more importantly am able to get my dread to get into combat with Draigo by himself while I multi assault the paladins with the TWL and TWC and another unit of GH with a powerfist.  I win the combat killing everyone except draigo and only take 1 wound. Of course Njal cancels hammerhand for the squad.  The rest is just fluff as I go on to a massacre and 2430 victory points.  He played a great game but made some mistakes as well as I did.

Game 2 vs Grey Knights!!! Stupid Grey Knights! (Vincent Wolf)
He had:

Grandmaster rad and psyco and 3 servos
4x8 psykers w 4 acros with 4+ armor in Chimeras
1x 8psykers with 3servitors with plasma cannons in Chimera (Coteaz)
1x4 crusader and 6 deathcults in Chimera.(GM)
3 psyflemen dreads
1 psyflemen ven dread
1 Vindicare

Pretty nasty list. I really wasn't expecting the 5 strength 10 ap1 blasts.

It was a great game that ended in me getting a minor victory. 1 troop model not dying in a massive assualt in the middle would have given me a major victory and the 1st place army. Either way Vincent was an amazing player and will be soon be on top in the future. 

So basically I had first turn and shot a ton of firepower with only doing minor damage. I only popped 1 chimera.  (statistically I should have downed 3 and a dread)  My 4 combi meltas scattered 9" towards coteaz and the plasma cannons quickly erased my guys even in cover.  Not a good way to start. The plan was to pop the Grand Master's chimera.  Not hurting much besides 1 chimera. I moved 12" with 3 rhinos and the razorback. 

His turn 1 killed 1 thunderwolf who failed his 3++ from a psyker blast. I did counter a psychic blast with my wolf talisman. Yeah!  He also popped Njals rhino (2nd game in a row).  Did some other shooting but not much.  He moved forward with the Grandmasters Rhino, moved the dreads around, and fired, etc. 

My turn 2 I moved 6 and shot 2 meltas at the Chimera immobilizing it.  I got out a GH pack and moved thru the ruins to pop his purifier rhino and assault them which failed, I only killed 3. Should have been at least 5 with the banner.  He won and my 2 guys were frnning away.  I moved the thunderwolves toward the right flank and his ven dread exploding it in 1 turn with a melta bomb and wolf tooth necklace. I moved 12" and jumped out exploding a chimera. I blew up 2 more chimeras and a dread this turn. He made so many 5+ saves on his psykers after they got out of explode vehicles. I have never seen that many. And he only failed 1 leadership the whole game. 

His turn 2 he shot though not very effectively.  He doesn't know it but his turn 2 is what made it a minor victory instead of a major for me.  He exploded my rhino with his incinerator!Ugh!!  Which he then assaulted and killed the GH pack inside. If that wouldn't have happened, he would have assaulted it, maybe blown it up, but I would have been able to shoot his Gmaster squad and torrent them down since they were not in cover. Stupid Incinerator.  Lucky!

My turn 3 turned into assaulted and killing his stuff, him assaulting and killing my stuff.  Fast forward. 

I assaulted and killed 2 henchman bands with TWC and coteaz and his warband,

he assaulted and killed 2 GH packs with GM.  I did a lot of shooting at what he had left in the middle which was Gm and 1 warband. We fought and I killed him with weight of numbers and attacks.  I had 2 troops in the middle and he had none left in the game. Minor victory. I more GH staying alive would have been a major and given me 7 more points.

I made a few mistakes here.  Putting my ass end of the rhino towards the Grandmaster, pushing the cyclone terminator which was scoring towards the middle. I actually moved him into a ruin where he couldn't be seen and then decided to get him out.  And not moving Njal forward 12" the first turn to try and shoot lighting.  Njal did cancel everything though!

Round 3 vs Ork douchbag
This guy was a tool and I got many handshakes from players and the head judges after playing him. He had issues with all his opponents and was a slow player. The head judge let us play the last turn because we had 19 minutes and the guy started slowing down when all he had left was a battle wagon with 20 boys and 6 lootas on the table.  He then brought on his 30 man squad after 5 minutes of thinking about it and said well that is the game.  I insisted we played the last turn because he had nothing left.  He then made the stupidest comment I have ever heard of at a tournament "Well if we were going to play another round I could have just got my 30 boys out and took what 10 to 15 minutes?" With the head judge standing there.  I then replied, "Well if it takes you that long to get out 30 boys on foot then you are slow playing!"  The judge looked at both of us and said, "Play the next turn."  The ork douche wasn't happy but there was nothing he could do and I should have tabled the prick but just won by massacre and didn't worry about wiping him off the table. Even though I could have gotten 2 more points by blowing up his battle wagon an killing the 6 lootas. I still needed 2 more it comes out so it wouldn't have mattered.

This is the battle report. 

I ended up getting 2nd and Njal and of course the Thunderwolves were the VIPS. Yes NJAL ROCKED VS GREY KNIGHTS!!!

I look forward to seeing some of you in the finals and I am getting a dark eldar battleforce and maybe some more DE stuff from the 1st place leafblower. (I wanted to play him! :) )

My List:

TWLord Runic, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Melta bombs, Wolf tal. and necklace and Saga of Majesty

4 TWC-1 TH/SS, 1 SS, 1 Bp & CCW, and 1 BP & ccw & melta bomb
5 Wolfscouts with meltagun and melta bombs
Wolfguard unit  2 Cmelta and fist, 1 Cmelta and TH, 4 Cmeltas, 1 cyclone termie, and drop pod.
1 multi melta dread
2 x 7 Gh meltagun in Rhino with Wolf Banner
2 x 6 Gh meltagun in Rhino (1 had a banner)
1 x 6 Gh flamer in Razorback
1 x 5 Gh flamer on foot
5 longfangs 4 missles
5 longfangs 2 missles 2 lascannons
5 longfangs 2 plasma and 2 missles

Sorry I forgot that!


  1. Sorry u didnt get to play me it was fun. Didn't now u posted on here

  2. Yes sir! I look forward to getting in a game with you. I do post hear and now live in Evansville. Shoot me an email. I am working on improving the 40k community in eville and the surrounding area.

    Which army did you play?

  3. K keep u posted see you at finals

  4. Oh, then I am looking for that email! :) Great Job!

  5. ya it was a fun game there was alot that i could have done but didnt damn i should have rocked out with my BAs oo well

  6. I dont understand how people constantly write battle reports but forget to include their own list.

  7. infantryman9244,

    excellent game man! Look forward to you and your crew coming up for the INDY OPEN!!

  8. Predictable... hordes of Grey Knights everywhere. We had about 30 players show up, and I finished somewhere in the middle with the Pedro Sternguard and 14 scoring units list.

    Game 1 vs Grey Knights told me how the day was going to go; He builds a rhino wall train with his grey knights behind it on foot ready to leap into a rhino or his storm raven, depending on what I don’t kill. No LOS to them due to his rhinos. I figure “NO PROBLEM, I’ll kill some rhinos and drop my orbital on them and insta-win”. I break out the never-used-before dice I won from the apoc game a few weeks ago, and I fire off 14 of my anti-vehicle shots (Las, Missile, all my hunter killers) at the rhinos and hit with 11 Str 7/8/9….not even a single GLANCE on any of his vehicles. Statistically, it’s nearly impossible. He just looked at me with a bewildered smile and says “That’s just not fair, dude!”

    Opponent 2 two finds me facing wolves on a middle table. He’s got a well-rounded mix of everything Around turn Four I rush ALL my unit toward the center objective. Pedro drops the orbital dead center on him, Killing 10 Hunters and the Rune priest instantly. I end up with a massacre on him. But it was fun because he was a good guy and the list was well-made.

    Round Three; Another wolf player, this time with TWO TWC stars, a buncha Longfangs with term Wolf Guards with cyclone launchers, a mix of las/ac razorbacks with small Hunter squads, a drop pod melta dread and a rifleman dread. My first two turns go good and I ravage a lot of lazerbacks, the dread and its drop-pod, etc. I’m about 4 kill points up with no loses anywhere. His second twc star is so far back he’s not much threat. Then we hit round 3…and of course he fekking roll’s a ‘1’ for mission objectives: Killpoints. I’m fucked. He has a total of like16 possible kill points to my 26. I know it’s over when both sterngaurd open up with combis and the wounds on 2+ rounds poison ammo on the two surviving wolves from TWC squad 1…and inflict 1 wound.

  9. Sorry man. Match ups and all comers list are what makes ardz boys so unique.

  10. Yeah, I probably would have scored another mass if the dice rolled for mission 3 was table qrtrs or terrain, and came in 3rd. Meh, that's what i get for not taking Da Greenskins hehehe...Mork (or maybe Gork) was displeased at my lack of vision

  11. That first-round GK list is probably the worst list you could conceivably write out of that Codex.

    I thought it was insane enough when you just texted me Crowe+Draigo. But then seeing Crowe+Draigo AND three Strike Squads? If GK were allowed three HQs I'm relatively certain Coteaz and a single Henchmen unit would be in there too.

    Rounding it off with a Psybolt Crusader doesn't help matters either.

    Things went really smoothly here. On the whole day, we only had three games NOT finish due to time, and only one serious rules question. Mostly it was just a day of handing out craters and judging line of sight.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Well I typed a long reply to this post yesterday but for some reason I couldn't get a post to work... Anyway after reading your report the one thing that stood out to me was my "Lucky" flamer... It was the ONLY luck I had all game! Hah, how many Psychic powers did Njal nullify? I don't think I could have built a better list to fight my list. My Vindicare assassin never rolling a 4+ to snipe Njal or your Wolf Lords Storm shield (which I tried multiple times...) really could have made a difference. I made a lot of mistakes but mostly because I seriously underestimated you.

    Not trying to take anything away from your win it was a good game and I learned a little something. Thanks for the experience and I'm looking forward to a rematch in the future.

  14. Iazian? Not sure which name is you but you did a great job man!! That's why I never take the vindicare anymore. And I didn't even use the storm shield all game anyways. LOL! :) But I look forward to you all coming up to the tourney!


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