Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nova Invitational Renaisance Man: Aaron Aleong

by Spaguatyrine

Who is Aaron Aleong/AKA Spaguatyrine?  I play 40k in the Midwest, Indianapolis, IN area who now lives in Evansville, IN.  I made it into the Nova Invitational as an alternate...

I made it into the Nova Invitational as an alternate due to some invites not being able to make it.  I was excited I made the cut as I had been a relatively unknown player nationally.  With some backing from the Sandwyrm and Farmpunk I was allowed to enter and try my luck.....

I build my lists in a non-traditional manner to the Internet and received many weird looks to include statements of, "I just don't get it.", "That list is just a bunch of blah!".  That being said my unconventional list building vs Internet spam lists did well in retrospect.

I also don't have pictures as I had no time in between any games. I will get some next year.

My list:
Thunderwolf Lord: 2+/3++, Wolf Claw, Wolf Tail Talisman
Battle Leader with Bolt Pistol and Frost Blade(+1 Str)
Rune Priest w Chooser, Living Lightning, and Jaws of WW

4 Thunderwolf Cav.  1 SS, 1 TH, 1 Melta bombs, 1 BP & CCW

5 GH-Melta Gun, Rhino
5 GH-Melta Gun, Rhino
5 GH-Melta Gun, Drop Pod
5 GH-Flamer, Razorback
5 GH-Flamer

4 Longfangs- 3 Multi Meltas
5 Longfangs- 4 Missiles
5 Longfangs-2 Plasma Cannons, 2 Missiles

5 Scouts with Melta gun

3 WG Combi Melta
1 WG Fist and Cmelta
1 WG Terminator with Cyclone

Game 1 and 2

Game 1:
(I didn't get the guys name and couldn't find him after the next day)

Space Wolves vs Grey Knights (Henchman style)

He had:
2 Techmarines with Rad and Psychotroke Grenades
1 Crusader and 1 Lascannon Landraider
2 x 10 deathcults  (Ugh!)
4 Razorbacks with 5 acolytes as troops.

He got first turn, moved forward, shot my decoy multi melta longfangs and that was it. 

My turn my drop pod dropped and blew up 1 landraider, while I moved everything towards him.  The terrain was difficult to deal with as their was a huge building in the middle of the board.  I also moved my GH and double melta shot his other raider but whiffed with 2 misses within 6" range. Ugh!!  My longfangs popped a few razorbacks and we went to 2.  I moved my TWC into/on top of the building wanting to pull him out with his deathcult bombs . Unfortunately I didn't pop his other raider so he was able to use his frag launchers to assault my TWC at initiative.

His turn 2 he assaulted 80% of his army into my TWC and my GH from the drop pod. He easily killed the GH and 3 TWC. I killed none of one squad that attacked the GH and all but 2 of the 10 deathcults.  The rad grenades really hurt me.  He moved around the razorbacks to try and get some objectives.

My turn 2 I Frag and Plasma templated his 12 man mob of deathcults, Coteaz, and Techmarine and killed 7 and put 2 wounds on coteaz. NICE!  I also brought my scouts in behind this razors and blew 1 up but failed to make the assault with the 1 guy left that didn't die.  I shot more vehicles and moved my Battle Leader to get close to assault the middle.

His turn 3 we fought more in the middle, I killed more of his and he of mine. 

The game would go like this for a few rounds until I killed everything in the center of the table, While I held 2 objectives and he held 1.  He really had none but he began complaining about his 1 guy left who wasn't in area terrain getting cover when he clearly wouldn't get a save. He called the Judge, Mike, and John over and received the same ruling. 

After the game he made a comment that I shouldn't have won because I didn't know what I was doing and had no tactics.  He later apologized and said he didn't mean anything bad by it, but I had to call him on his statement.  Our judge apologized for his behavior.  I was a little hot but relieved my first game ended in a victory.

Game 2 vs Hulksmash. (My favorite Game of the Weekend)

Hulksmash writes fot "They shall Know Fear"  He wrote about our game here:The more you know 

He had basically Loganwing:

Logan with a slew of terminators with combi weapons, fists, etc.
5 WG packs with cyclones
3 x 5 missile longfangs
2 lonewolfs with shields, TH

The mission was killpoints with annihilation.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to face a small killpoint army and what do you know, 6 to 8 killpoints depending on what happened with his lone wolfs.  Plus Dawn of war is my worst deployment.  Fortunately iit is also bad for him.  I lost the roll and hoped he was going first which he did.  I would deny him 1 turn of shooting by going 2nd.

He deployed Logan and the termies behind the center hill. He moved everything else on and waiting.  I dropped my pod on the right flank as a decoy. I had a bad 11" scatter and so couldn't shoot at his longfangs in the open so had to hide on the side of the hill.  I moved everything on in a way so I could move my Rhino's and my longfangs would be able to shoot.  He didn't realize I had plasma cannons though.

His turn 2 he shot stuff, assaulted my GH on the right and I didn't do a wound. Ugh!! Killed to the man. what a waste!  He killed some of my missile longfangs in cover and moved his Termies to the top of the hill.

My turn I moved more towards him, shot plasma at the termies killing 3 and assaulted with the TWC.  I also brought on my scouts and of course rolled the worst possible side on a 2. I brought them on shot and his Wg that took out my Gh drop pack and assaulted. I wiffed again and only killed 3 guys with 15 regular attacks and 3 powerfist attacks. He killed more and I ran!  I rushed the left flank, shot some missles and my TWC went in. I ended up killing all his termies and logan killed my TWC. 

His turn he killed my running  scouts , Logun swung on my TWLord and did no wounds but took another.  He blew up my a Rhino, shot more missiles. My Gh pack with the Battle leader failed their leadership and ran!

Fast forward, My Lord Killed Logan without taking a wound. I stayed away from his lone wolfs, eventually killed everything except 2 lonewolfs and 1 cyclone terminator.  I tank shocked his lonewolf and he death or gloried and  died!   I ended up winning on table quarters. 

This was a great game, and I learned alot from playing Hulksmash.  Again this was my best game of the weekend as far as fun goes.  I thought there was no way I could win a killpoint mission against this army but fortunately he didn't realize I had plasma cannons, decided to go first, and death or gloried my rhino. I look forward to seeing him at Adepticon and hopefully our local Indy Open coming in 2012.

For Mike Brandt,

The best event I have been to in any competitive environment. Thank you!


  1. Of all the SW lists I've seen, I actually like yours. Less spam, more flexibility - more than the sum. And a fine job winning Ren man - congrats again!

  2. Neat list.

    But what are the MMFangs for, how do you play them?

  3. I was the "judge" for your first game.
    I believe your opponents name was Rob Baer.
    (Owner of Spikeybits)

    Great meeting you at the NOVA.


  4. My strategy with this type of list concentrates on controlling the middle of the table.

    #1. Distraction units-1 drop pod and scouts

    #2. Long rangs support-Longfangs and cyclone that stays with the foot GH pack on an objective. (brilliant!)

    #3. Close combat potential-Thunderwolves, TW Lord and Battle leader in a Rhino with GH's. Up to 3 close combat units.

    #4. Support units- Rune priest with GH or by himself for psychic protection, jaws and LLightning. 2 other GH packs for objective grabbing or support where needed.

    "The squeeze play" For all of those thinking their aren't any tactics.

    Drop and blow up a vehicle, block line of sight or hit a flank. Rush forward with Rhino's and maybe razorback and Thunderwolves into the middle of the board. Longrange support and popping transports first with Missles that are normally deployed on the corners or flanks. The multi metla longfangs are normally deployed centrally on the table. This creates a squeeze play by: A push up the middle with close combat units, multi melta's make players think twice a bout bringing transports and flyers into the center of the board, close combat units that can get to you on turn 2 supported by more on turn 3, and as you back up to get away, or move to the flanks, my longfangs get better line of sight and my scouts will be coming right behind you. This makes you decide where you are going to take your poison. Every unit works together.

    The multi melta longfangs are also targeted more often as they are easier to kill and closer to the enemy. Only being 90 points I use them as bait sometimes.


    Thanks! I like the flexibility and redundancy of role instead of redundancy of unit. In my 2000 list I gave a Rhino to the MM longfags for the Priest, added more GH to Battle Leaders pack. wolf banner, wolf claw to 1 WG, changed razor to las/plas, 1 more storm shield to TWC, etc.

    PLASMA CANNONS ARE BACK!!! With all the terminators, take plasma cannons! They did amazing against all armies.

  5. Really? Owner of Spikey bits huh? Thanks man! Saint Omerville was a great judge!!!!

  6. Good Post Man. Always great to hear how it played out from the horses mouth so to speak. =)

  7. Thanks! I will be posting the next 3 games this weekend.

  8. I don't know I think the guys may have let you win. They must have seen your list looked at you and thought awww little man forgot his helmet at home :). Well all but the last guy anyway. Then again you are kind of a tactical genius with a touch of insane and that may have been your plan all along. Either way well done man.

  9. wasnt death and glory the correct thing to do. If it worked, he gets your KP, if the lone wolf dies its also good for his KPs (because they have a negative modifer if they live)

  10. Either way it wouldn't have mattered as we were within 1 killpoint of each other. The bad thing for him was if I tabled him I automatically won. He only had 3 models left on the board at the time. Anyways. Great game from him.


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