Friday, September 16, 2011

I Am Jack's Sense Of Community

by SandWyrm

As I seem to be pissing off my friends the more I write, I'm going to take a break from the blog for a while and do something else. I'll come back in a week or two. We have other authors, they can post in the meantime. My Wife and Kids will be happy at least. :)

If you've got something constructive to say that you think I need to hear, feel free to leave it in the comments. I'll read them without responding or trying to defend myself.


  1. replace video games with hobby games:

    Honestly I didn't really read a ton of vitriol in your posts, but I am not super familiar with the situation. I could understand the NOVA dude's ownership of the event making him get upset at your review.

    I think really the whole blogosphere thing drives people a little far over the edge with this hobby game (I've been there myself) so I think sometimes a step back is necessary. I can understand if you invested money in something, though.

  2. Long time/first time here.

    I am just some random nobody on this site, but all this stuff is just being posted is just crazy.

    Why is there so much put into a tourney with little toys? Is the thrill of winning more money or toys that big of a deal?

    It was fun reading your stuff, but it has just become bad. Really the last month or so your articles have fallen and now this stuff.

    Hope you all clean it up or else I won't be the first to walk away from all this melodramatic drivel.

  3. Your still a hippy, but on the bright side you wont have to deal with FP this weekend. That onerousness task has fallen to me.
    I guess one weekend every six months or so is a pretty small price top pay for bringing him in to the hobby. Now if I could just get him off of the idea of strip KP games it might not be so bad.
    Now if you will excuse me I am off to find a couple more layers.

  4. I think that you have come to a good decision to step away for a bit. Enjoy the time with your family. And when you're ready, come back and be the sound, productive, and informative guy that you are.

    What drew me in to begin with was the positive criticisms and the vast amount of information I found here.

    I can only say the following because I'm human and have committed the following actions myself. Ego is very high lately and emotions are taking over logic and reasoning. Maybe the flames are a little too warm right I think a cool down we be beneficial to all. I mean no offense by any of this. Just speaking from 1 friend to another.


    The 40K community should read this. Strike that, humanity should read this.

  6. Not being American, I am very unlikely to have attended an American tournament. If I had, I might have wanted to have telephonic contact in-between matches, but I'm a pretty single-minded fella, so might instead have opted for thinking ever more deeply on the fact I was being thrashed. I have no illusions about my generalship! I don't really understand why remarking that one can't get 'phone reception underground has led to such acrimony. I think I have missed something. I have elided the bits about food, as I am a vegan, and would sooner eat my foot than attend McDonald's. ;-) Anyway, joy to all, don'tcherknow!

  7. @ Pete - There was bad weather during the NOVA. Imagine that there was a fair share of wives that were worrying that they couldn't get in contact with their husbands during parts of the tournament...

    @ Sandwyrm - I have enjoyed the comparisons. Hopefully you continue to post them on your return. Though making sure that your interpretation of Mike's views/motives are accurate.


  8. Sandwyrm, the last article was one of the best non-painting articles I've read from you.

    But, the subjective opinions of your IRL friends have to be more important than those of a guy you've never met.

    On an unrelated topic, I'd like your take, if you'd be so kind, on how I should do a bright, vibrant Blood Angels colour scheme.

    From the ground up. :)
    I have ideas, but you are a FAR better painter than I, and I want to hear, I'm low on test models to spare on trial and error. :(


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