Monday, September 19, 2011


by: farmpunk

From time to time I get interesting e-mails that float into theBack40K's inbox. Like this:
Dear Back 40k,
Fan and Avid Reader Nicholas here. I was wondering, if it's not too personal, What each of you at the the back 40k does for a living. I question a blog paying the bills (and hobby supplies), so I wonder if it does, or if the blog is another aspect of the hobby to you lot.
Thanks for all the content, and I understand if this is a question you would rather leave unanswered.

 Arrgh Nicholas. The truth ye be seekin' be a grim one, Lad. Tha truth be known, we all be pirates.

aye. Pirates. Today we be lettin the truth be known.

here be the Weinas and TheGraveMind at the South Store:

Shiver me timbers! Weinas be a ninja, but he's a Ninja Pirate, Me Hearties.

This next one be the Uberdark, Archfiend, Chambers,and Anonymous Foodie:

an then last but not least. Spags, farmpunk, and SandWyrm holdin a conference at a local tourney:

arrgh! now begone with ya landlubbers!


  1. Wait...what?

    Next time Purgatus calls one of MY POSTS 'weird,' I'm gonna link him to...this...

  2. Yarrr! SinSynn must be one of them land lubbers! Don't trust nothin that hasn't had scurvy!

  3. Given that you appear to have no ads(same for my meager site), looks like blogging pays no bills.

  4. Arr, but I've got the better hat.

  5. Aye. Lootin' and Pilligin' be payin' the bills.

    'Un Spags be the shiny-headed one. Keep 'an eye on that one lads!

  6. Ninja Pirate trumps Double Rainbow.

  7. Don't worry Nicholas. We'll get up our Real professions now that all of the "Talk like a Pirate Day" silliness is out of our system.

    it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up ;)


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