Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning another language. Pending

By TheGraveMind

Not really 40k related, but sometimes we need a little break from it. This is more about life and interacting with the world. I've always felt that everyone should at least speak a second language, and honestly I think most people should know 3. Ya, that's right, three. When I go to Europe to visit Family, I visit some of my friends over there, and by the end of high school many kids are learning their fourth language. Over here, I hardly had learned my second language by the end of high school. Well there are things you can do about that.
THERE IS NO CONTACT INFORMATION. THEY SEEM TO BE SELLING BOOTLEGGED COPIES. has contact information and I would recommend getting a hold of them before making any purchases. Rosetta-outlet may be a scam. My copy is working fully, but it may not be a proper version of the program.

I had done the free demos that they offer, and had tried my friends out. It truly is an amazing program. After 30 minutes I feel like I've actually learned some French. I still remember the basic Portuguese I practiced over a year ago. I ordered the full level 1-5 Spanish set, as I feel here in the united states it will be the most helpful. I've learned enough German that I don't think it would be worth the investment.

They start you off with 30 minute introduction. Very simple he/she, eat/drink stuff. It then goes on with 10-15 minute segments that reinforce and slowly introduce new words and grammar. Fifteen minutes a day is nothing. I've spent more time typing this post. You can honestly do some of them while painting a miniature. After a short while they'll be having you saying full sentences and looking back you'll be amazed by the progress you made, and it will stick with you.

The Full 1-5 level set is intended to prepare you to move abroad by the end of it. It costs maybe a 3rd of an army. This new language is a Life Skill. It could help you move to a new area, get a better job, meet a new person.

I can't force Everyone (er anyone ;)  to learn another language, and it may not be for everyone, but I want to at least give everyone the opportunity to progress themselves as a person if they desire.

While looking for a cool picture to throw in here, I found this Article. I just thought it was interested and wanted to share it.

Besides, it's not like I'm asking you to converse with Necrons, just your computer.

::EDIT AGAIN::  Even though the 70% off version does seem to be a scam with bootlegged copies, I still suggest everyone learn another language. It may simply be harder to find a good deal. The actual Rosetta stone program is still amazing, including my Chinese counterfeit copies haha....sigh


  1. Jolly good idea, this. I keep meaning to brush up my French and German. Heute, vielleicht werde ich aendere Spraechen sprechen. or something along those lines!

  2. For fast learning foreign languages I'd visit

    - blog of Benny the Irish polyglote :)

  3. Sorry to be a downer, but this is apparently a scam. I was one click away from sending this website a payment and some of their wording made me suspicious.

    I went to, the company's actual website, and called their 800 number. I spoke to someone who told me that this is a scam and NOT the actual product.

    Your link is to a site called There is no contact information on this site and as I started to compare the two I noticed that very little about this outlet site matches the real site.

    Again, sorry to be a downer but I'd hate for someone to get scammed on this.


  4. Well what do you know.

    On the bright side I got it for 70% off and it works...

  5. Yes, after comparing the websites, It does seem to be a scam. Well @#%#@$. haha.

    I'll say this, for the $140, They put enough effort into it that I'm not that upset. They have fully replicated the packaging and cases. Their website is believable enough with Copyright information and the official logo at the top of the browser.

    I do apologize to anyone who may have purchased this in the hour this post has been up.
    It is more like someone stole the product and is now selling it than anything else.

    There were a couple times I thought there were less then par things (word document instructions instead of PDF), but I've been dealing with GW too long to have thought twice about it.

  6. I wish there was a disc for Necron-language...

    Though according to Fall of Damnos, it's English! =P

  7. :-) Thanks for reminding me to get back to the Irish (Gaelic) Rosetta stone stuff... Just not a lot of time over the last few weeks...

  8. I get Rosetta Stone through my work for free. The suck part is we have so much high level comp security programs i can't even install the language pack upgrades.


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