Friday, August 13, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy 08-07-10 Tourney Pics

by: farmpunk

Here's a collection of various forces laid out for paint judging from this last weekend's tourney at Games 2 die 4. I'm missing 1 army, not sure where it got off to when I snapped pics. Above are my Girls ready for action on my prep board.

Protem's footdar. yes, footdar.

trukk and biker orks

Dodger3's daemons

A- Kan KaN KAN! more orks

SandWyrm's IG

Marines. not sure what flavor

Mostly foot marines, not sure what flavor


More Girls, from Evansville

PShutte's IG

Marines. not certain what flavor.

ScottyDon't's Vulkan Drop pods. the winner for the day.

Tansy's hybrid eldar


  1. You're Missing John's School Bus Yellow Sisters

  2. Nice pictures.
    I really like the footdar and Tansy's hybrid eldar nicely painted armies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. There are some lovely painted forces there, mate.

  4. There, I made the pics bigger. :)

  5. I love pretty armies.

    My favorite reaction to awesome conversions and/or paint (particularly with my DE)...

    I must destroy it...

    I'd love to meet those Footdar on the table. Here's lookin' at you, Protem.

  6. Excellent photos there, with a good variety of armies and different painting schemes.

  7. yet again more motivation for me to keep painting my armies. sigh. work work work.


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