Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tutorial - painting blue armor

by Wienas

This method uses the following GW colors:

Mordian Blue
Ultramarines Blue
Skull White
Asurmen Blue

Starting with a grey-primed model, I painted a coat of Mordain Blue (this may take several thin coats).  Next, a layer of Ultramarines Blue was painted on, making sure to leave the darker color showing in the recesses.  Ultramarines Blue was mixed 50/50 with Skull White and used to highlight the very edges of the armor.  A wash of Asurmen Blue was applied over the armor to tie all the colors together and to deepen the recesses.

Here's a picture of the finished model, from the Heralds of Ultramar chapter.  You can also use this formula to paint Ultramarines, who share the same armor color as the Heralds of Ultramar.
You can check out the full tutorial, as well as a lot of other painting tutorials on my hobby blog:  Indy40k.blogspot.com

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