Friday, August 20, 2010

Painting Prototype Complete

by SandWyrm

For those that don't know, Mrs. SandWyrm was in and out of the hospital all last week for Gall Bladder surgery and the unexpected complications thereof. So I haven't gotten to go gaming lately. Instead I've been painting up the last few models for my new 2K Imperial Guard List. I promised myself that I wouldn't start painting up the Emo Wing until I had them done.

But... while I was painting Stormtroopers, I couldn't resist starting on a Sang Guard model just to work out the final color scheme. You know, while the other models dried. One thing led to another, and well... I ended up finishing him tonight.

Here he is in all his glory next to the first IG model I painted back in '98. More pics follow. Enjoy!


  1. The wings are to die for. Someday maybe I will be that good.

  2. wow - very VERY nice! But can you bear to put the same effort into the rest of the army? It might get a bit repetitive!

  3. @PTR

    Um, you have seen my guard infantry, right? I'm the guy that puts eyes on EVERYBODY. ;)

  4. very nice, I like the simplicity of the color scheme which you pulled off very nicely with your great whites. also great job on the wings


out dang bot!

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