Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy: Upcoming Doubles Tourney

by SandWyrm

ATTENTION INDIANAPOLIS! We've recently received word that Hive Fleet Indy is planning on running a Doubles Tourney a little over a month from now.

From Aaron Aleong:

Doubles Tournament!!!!!!!!
Come with your best buddy or best enemy to compete in 3 rounds of a double tournament.
Date: September 26th 
Time: 11:00 AM
Who: Any 2 Players (Max 16 teams)
What: Up to 1000 points each of a legal army to include proper force organization structure. 
Cost: $20 per team
Special Rules: Your army only works for your army regardless of what anything in your codex or the WH40K rulebook might say! Period! Don’t even think about asking questions because there is NO EXCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Farmpunk and I asked what this last bit meant, we were told that the special rules for one army in a team would not be allowed to affect the units in the team's other army. So no Bloodcrushers in Land Raiders, Strakken-led Grey Knights, or Vulkan re-rolls for your Fire Dragons.

Missions: All three standard missions will be rolled randomly at the start of the round. All three missions will be played. (Seize ground will have 5 objectives)
Scoring: Only wins and losses count. Any draws will be determined by victory points to ensure there is NO DRAW! There is no soft score, no army composition, no fluffy if I like him or not. Win or lose. You asked for it and now you have it. 
Prize Support: 
40% 1st place team
30% 2nd place team
15% 3rd place team 
15% Games 2D4 to purchase more terrain for events.

For all you ork players that is: Max 16 teams x $20 = $320 prize support.

1st Place $128 in prize support-And Immortal Status
2nd Place $96 in prize support-And Top Honors
3rd Place $48 in prize support-And Bragging rights

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH??? Does your BRO-MANCE stand a chance?

Sign up via email at or contacting Games2D4 at 317-271-4234. Space is limited to only 16 teams!!!


  1. I will see you guys there. Your Sisters and Guard will not stand up to Dave and I's Guard ans Sisters.

  2. What about Sisters + Emos?

    Other possibilities:

    Guard + GKs
    GKs + Emos

    Too bad we won't be allowed to put GKs in StormRavens or flying Land Raiders. :)

  3. Man that would be a sight,and would also be half of one of your teammates points in two units. Also, if you want to play that game I could play any marine variant, Chaos, Dark Eldar, or Tau. I feel these plastic models are draining my wallet and my sanity. Just to clarify this is at G2D4 right, and what are the painting requirements if any?

  4. Yay for low point total, no soft score tournaments, but man, now I have to find a partner?

  5. Info I have says it's at G2D4. Aaron will have to pipe up about painting.

  6. New updated to the doubles tournament!! We are adding $40 in prizes for the best painted army and the best sport. These prizes have nothing to do with the competitive portion of the event but are voted by the players as a team. Yes it is at G2D4 on Sunday.

  7. That would be $20 for each. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

  8. I think this is something I've been wanting to happen for a long while. Team tournaments are fun. Just gotta find a team mate.

  9. Ted,

    I have an ork player in my store who is looking for someone to play with. I could get him your information or vice versa if you like. Let me know. Call me or email me.

  10. That of course, requires ted to show up to said tourney;)


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