Monday, August 2, 2010

Project Space Marine

by Wienas

On my personal hobby blog (indy40k), I've started a series of tutorials chronicling the project that I'm currently working on.  Project Space Marine is an army consisting of 151 space marines, each from a different chapter.  The most recent tutorial is on the White Templars.  I'll repost it here:
The White Templars use the following GW colors:

Codex Grey
Astronomican Grey
Badab Black
Skull White
Chaos Black* (I used Black Grey from the Vallejo Model Color line, but Chaos Black will work as well)
Charadon Granite
Dheneb Stone
Devlan Mud
Bleached Bone
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Boltgun Metal
Gunmetal Blue (from VGC)

I first applied Black Grey over the robes and shoulder pads.  Codex Grey was used as the first highlight of the robe and the highlight on the shoulder pads.  Astronomican Grey was used as a final highlight on the robes.  The robes and shoulder pads were then washed with Badab Black to tie the colors together and deepen the details.

The white armor was given a wash of Badab Black.  Astronomican Grey was painted over this, making sure to leave the darker color showing in the recesses.  Skull White was mixed 50/50 with Astronomican Grey to highlight the armor.  Pure Skull White was used to edge highlight the raised details.

Any skulls and parchment were painted Dheneb Stone before receiving a wash of Devlan Mud.  Bleached Bone was used to highlight the raised surfaces.  The purity seal and the models eyes were painted with Mechrite Red before being edge highlighted with Blood Red.  The arm and leg joints, bolter chains, and backpack exhausts were painted Charadon Granite. Codex Grey was used to edge highlight these details, and then a wash of Badab Black was applied to tie the greys together and deepen the details.

I paint my bolters black and then edge highlight the bolter casing with Codex Grey.  The detail piece on the bolter (skull, wing, this case, it's a cross) is painted Codex Grey.  The clip, barrel, and other details are painted with Gunmetal Blue, from Vallejo's Model Color line.  Boltgun Metal is then drybrushed over the Gunmetal Blue, and the entire bolter receives a wash of Badab Black.  The detail piece on the bolter is then edge highlighted with Codex Grey.

If you are trying to decide what chapter you want to start, or are building a space marine force and want some hobby tips, keep an eye out here or check out my blog at


  1. That model looks great and the project sounds awesome.

  2. Where did you get the image of all of the chapters and do you know if it can be found in a larger format?

  3. it was a poster GW put out a while back

  4. Thanks LO! I've seen the poster in my local Hobby Shop, just didn't know if they was a large digital image of it so that you can read each chapters name.


    Here's a link to another poster that is very similar, but has actual models on it.


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