Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bow Down Before Your New Robot Overlords!

by SandWyrm

Bow down before your true masters filthy human scum! For Hans Krueger's Necrons have taken Best General at the first annual Indy Open GT!

Here's a pic of the winning army:

From the original field of 64 players, we had 4 undefeated armies going into today's final 2 rounds.
Hans Krueger's Necrons
Brett Perkins' Imperial Guard
Paul Schutte's Necrons
Dustin Brinson's Grey Knights

For round 5, Brett and Paul battled it out on one table...

...while Hans and Dustin fought on the other.

Once the dust settled, the final round was between Brett and Hans.

Unfortunately for Brett, his IG got pushed into a corner and never made it out. Hans wins!

Best General: Hans Krueger's Necrons

Hans (left) receives his plaque and a handshake from Farmpunk. Good job Hans!

Farmpunk will get the lists up for the top four armies sometime tomorrow.


  1. Congratualtions to Hans! I had seen his army, a very nice looking army. It is a good showing for the new codex.

    010101110101001010110000101010101 Ya'll!

  2. A nice looking army and a great victory for the new-old Empire! Congratz to all of the top 4.

  3. Wait, why are the IG in the corner, and where are the 15 Wraiths? Wraiths are win. ;)

    1. lol, wish I had a choice in the matter the game was:

      primary: 3 modified capture and control
      Secondary: Table Quarters
      Tertiary: Kill points

  4. Hans' army was an Imotekh/half-Farm WW/Orikan hybrid. Virtually no shooting, very combat heavy. I've got the lists here, but too tired to dig out it out for specifics.

  5. I'll get lists up sometime today, along with pics of the armies that go with them. (hopefully.)

  6. I, for one, welcome our new robot overloads.

  7. Congrats to Hans and congratulations to you guys for running a successful event!

  8. It was great! I wanted to play, but enjoyed seeing others have a great time!

    1. You said you wanted to play. Had I had more time we could of got a game in following the event. You have an IOU for a game. :)


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