Monday, May 30, 2011

4x4 Best of the Best Team Tournament 6-4-11

by Spaguatyrine

Here it is! North vs South vs East vs West! And other areas in between. Do you have what it takes to find out who can bring the best 4 person team....

Tournament is set for  June 4th, 2011.

Where: Games 2 Die 4

Start Time: 10am (A further schedule will be posted in a few weeks with the missions)

Max 8 teams=32 players (8 teams)
Entry per team. $45

Tournament Organizer: Greg / Caulyn Darr

*Teams: 4 players with a 1,000 point list that follows all FOC requirements and current Codex restrictions. (Only 1 unique character per 4 man team){No 4 Calgar's, or 2 Njal's, or 3 Straken's, etc.)
*Only a player's special abilities, powers, rules, etc work for his army. PERIOD!
*Team Captain will determine team pairings before each round, but before random pairings of opponents are decided.
*Each member of each team will play with every member of their team.

Prize support: (break downs will also come with mission packs)
*Top 4 teams will receive prize support.
*Best Sports team will receive prize support.
*Best Painted team will receive prize support.

So Sign up and bring your "A" game.  May the best team win!

5 Spots Still Available! Post on here your team and send a verification email to me with names.  Since this is a highly anticipated event, refrain from signing up if you aren't sure your team can make it. Please don't get on my bad side, sign up, and not show up! :)

Teams will be available for public knowledge.

My email is


  1. So even astorath's ability that effect all BAs on the board? Just askin.

  2. When you're collecting the teams, will at least codex choices be required?

  3. aww man, that's the weekend of the GT in Collinsville, IL. now I've got a tough choice to make... and you guys KNOW I'm not good with those.


  4. @Everyone-Only your army... Period!

    @Baugh. Don't follow you!

    @Farmpunk, you know where the best place to be is...!

  5. @ spag, well the astorath is a good example, his effect covers even your enemy. so you're saying they don't get it either?
    I think baugh means when you receive the names for the team, do they need the assigned codecies with them, or can we pick last minute?

  6. I'll have to get a hold of the actual BA codex and take a look at Astorath's rule. I'll clarify that when further information about the tournament is posted.

  7. @Baugh, No you don't have to identify what codex you will be playing with until the day of. :) Sorry I didn't understand your question.

  8. right now gp north team is forming up. ill let the kokomo gamer dmz store know. but yeah, dont know if they could make it. most of them are college kids without cars. lol. and yes im jumping ship for my own hometown store to go to the winning team. GP NORTH YO!!!!

  9. If I had to guess, I'd say effects that affect you AND your enemy equally (i.e. Astorath, Epidemius) will be allowed to affect your teammate, but no other crossovers will happen at all, regardless of what the wording is.

    This pretty much limits it to rules which have the "friend or foe!" wording in them.

  10. Normally I would say yes, but since this is a team tournament I wil discuss with Greg, but an Astorath like ability still shouldn't help a "friend", or teammember. Hence the "Period" statement in the post.

  11. Then it should not help the enemy imo.

  12. farmpunk: i was also thinking of going to that GT. grr. but im sure they are already full up.

  13. Man,

    Blogger is jacked up! Ok we go. We need 1 or 2 more teams! North isn't showing up, but we got 1 from south, 1 from east, and 2 from west.

  14. just to confirm : you have my team down, right?


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