Monday, May 9, 2011

I'll Be In Louisville This Week

by SandWyrm

Anybody want to get in a game down in Derbytown Wednesday or Thursday evening this week? Pet Shop Comics would be a good place to meet, but I don't know what their regular 40K night is.


  1. I don't think PSC has a regular night. I'll try and call over shortly and ask.

    I'll try and check with my better half and see if I can meet for it though. If PSC isn't an option Louisville Game Shop is closed Wednesday but open Thursday (LGS also has the benefit to be closer to where I work :D)

  2. PSC is closed on Mon and Tues according to their website. I've sent an email to them asking when their 40K night is. But if you have a preferred shop, we can go elsewhere.

    LGS is new to me. But it looks like they only do 40K on Sundays. Not that we couldn't just show up.

    Comic Book world is a possibility too. It's also decently close to where I'll be staying. When I called they said that they don't have a regular 40K night, but that they'd be cool with us just showing up to play. Dunno what their terrain is like though. I last played there about 10 years ago. :)

  3. LGS is more casual than PSC and I doubt Colin would have much of an issue with us dropping in there for a game.

    I honestly didn't even know Comic Book World had WH40k tables. LGS is also a lot further away from you (kinda close to downtown).

  4. Let's do it at LGS then. Baxter is easily accessible from I-64, which I'll be right next to. So no worries. I want to see the place anyhow. :)

    You pick the night.

  5. rawargh... I forgot Thursday I have dinner with my mother-in-law. I'll try and see if Wednesday is viable.

  6. If u don't mind the drive Madison IN 45 min from Louisville we have pickup games all the time more info email me at

  7. @Dustin

    Expect to get an e-mail from me when I've got to go down to the in-law's campsite outside Madison for the weekend.

    I know I'll be there during the 4th of July weekend.

  8. Sorry, but I've got the Wife and kids along this trip (or more correctly we're along with her on a business trip), so I can't take off on her for the time it would take to get over to Madison, game, and get back. So I need to stay in town.

    Farmpunk is your man though. He's always going down to Madison to visit his family. Having 40K options nearby will be a godsend for him. :)

  9. Cool the local store I s the urban Viking gaming center. Also we just had our first big tourney 18 participated and the next is tba for late July


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