Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nurgle sorcerer: Takes one and two!

By Outremer

My Nurgle sorcerer. . . Nurgle gives you wheels!

Take one:

I put this guy together not too long after the Daemon prince. Once again, using Forge world as inspiration (Man, there stuff is just toe-curling good!).  I bodged together some random bits and attempted to sculpt a nurgling (which has since gone into the recycling bin. . . ).

Unfortunately this guy is now sitting in pieces in my bits box as I canabalized some of the parts for take two.

Take two:

After having Mephiston rip me several new Orifices' (orificii?) during a game in a recent tournament, I decided I wanted a force weapon in my army (note to self: see if Mephiston has Eternal warrior?  Doh!).  I wanted him to have good mobility, but wings or a jump pack just didn't seem right on a Nurgle sorcerer to me

A Nurgle sorcerer on a giant filth spewing trike of doom?  That fit's!

This is the image I used as inpiration:

Now, if I could somehow convince Dragonforge design to make me an extra long version of their resin bike base to fit this guy. . .

1 comment:

  1. yeah... its official. I hate you. Love your whole Nurgle army man, disgustingly awesome. I actually have some larger Bike bases, if you are interested.


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