Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Indy Open: Full Results Spreadsheets

by SandWyrm

Houston, we've had a problem...

On behalf of the Indy Open Team, I have to apologize for a screw up on our part. We collectively missed something so basic in our record keeping that all the blogosphere will be wondering "WTF?".

You see, we have everyone's results, but... Well, we didn't ever make note of who played what army. :(

Our record keeper, CaulynDarr, didn't think that it was something that needed to be noted on the scoring spreadsheet itself. After all, we had everyone's submitted army lists. But Spag threw them away at the end of the day because we didn't need them anymore, right? And nobody but Farmpunk and I appreciated that folks like Kirby and MVB might want that info for tracking the performance of each codex throughout the tourney season. But I assumed everyone knew that instead of making sure. So we all failed.

We've futzed around for a while now trying to re-build that info, but we can only manage to identify the armies for roughly a third of the players using the lists that were submitted via email. That's not enough to be useful.

So here's the spreadsheet, sans who played what, sorted 3 ways:

Next year I promise that we'll keep track of who plays what properly!


  1. Just for the record, I was given a pre-filled spreadsheet with all the players without army information. My job was data analysis not data collection.

    1. Let's just say that we all failed to communicate.

  2. I'd have to guess that if you toss it out as a question to the community, you might get the information filled in rather easily on who played what from the players that attended.

    Other than that, nice work on all the data collection and what not, thumbs up!

  3. I didn't double check the army types were being recorded. I checked 'em for being legal, and prompted people for corrections where needed.

    we'll definitely record it next year ;P

  4. The army snafu was my mistake. I take full responsibility as TO for not providing this information. We will ensure this is corrected moving forward. I find the numbers to be very interesting for Ren Man. Great job guys! Especially Greg!!!

  5. Conveniently, I grabbed (what I assumed to be) all the army lists out of the trash as Aaron was trying to throw them away, because I wanted to read through them.

    Unfortunately, it's actually only about 20 of the lists, but it might be enough to fill some of the gaps and get us closer to having the whole thing figured out.

    I'll email you the name/army combinations I have.

  6. Sent. 18 names, 2 player numbers.

    And for some reason I have Scott's list twice.


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