Monday, April 9, 2012

My Name Is. . .

by Outremer

Wow. . .  I send an email asking the Back 40k guys to trade links to my new blog and I get invited to join the crew. . . been an interesting day! 

Guess I should introduce myself?

My names Outremer and I'm a 40k addict.

I believe I actually lost my soul to Games Workshop the first time I saw this image. . .

That's been twenty some years ago.  I've been hooked on the art work and the story behind the 40k universe ever since I bought my first space marines and painted them with my little brothers Testors model paint all those years ago. 

Through those years I've bought and painted the miniatures off and on, read everything 40k related I could get my hands on, played every 40k video game ever made (except Fire warrior. . . just couldn't bring myself to do it.), and even gotten tattooed with a fair bit of 40k imagery. 

The funny thing is, in all that time I never actually played the game. . . until a year ago, when I finally walked into a game store and announced "I want to learn how to play 40k!".  In the past year I've met some really great people who share my love for all things 40k and absolutely thrown myself into the game.  Well, more the hobby side really. . . Scratch building, green stuff sculpting, and painting. . . while trying to squeeze games in somewhere in all the madness.  I've learned a lot and still have a lot more to go!

So there you have it. . .  I'm the new guy in more ways than one.  Let's see if I can find someway to parlay my long time love for 40k "the hobby" and my new found addiction to 40k "the game" into  a worthwhile contribution to the blog!


  1. Welcome to the Cause.

    Join the Tau.

  2. Do you have any idea what Papa Nurgle would do to me if I did that? Seriously. . . worse than what he's already done!?

  3. Hello Chad. Send us a link to your blog anyway. Assuming your planning on keeping it going now you're part of Back 40K?

    1. Hehe. . . deleted it already. Keeping everything under one roof seemed to make sense. I'll be working on redoing/streamlining some of the posts I had done over there later this evening.

  4. Glad to have another child of papa Nurgle join the fold. Any chance that you will make up to adepticon this year? If you do I will buy you a beer and introduce you to the team snake eyes crew. They are a good bunch of guys despite the whole inbred lapdog thing.


out dang bot!

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