Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adepticon: Spag's Team Wins!!!

by SandWyrm

Team 'And They Shall Know No Fear', which includes The Back 40K's own Spaguatyrine, has just reported that they won the team championships at Adepticon! In which a massive 464 players competed for the top prize! Not only that, but they had the highest score for 'Tactician' as well!

The team is made up of (from left to right):
Aaron Aleong (Spag)
Nick Nanavati
Brad Townsend (Hulksmash)
Andrew Gonyo. 
All of whom played in the NOVA Invitational this past year.

Congrats to the team!

Make sure to head over to Hulksmash's blog too, for additional info.


  1. Well done and many congratulations!

    ...and to think I even talked to you guys for a split moment when i took a picture and didn't know who you were! Durn brain fart!

  2. Thanks,

    It was great to play with these guys. Andrew's painting was awesome. His display board was incredible! Nick was well Nick with his awesome rolls, great strategy, and amazing skill and luck. Brad aka Hulksmash was great as the leader of the team ensuring a calm and friendly atmosphere among a tense and competitive environment. I am proud to be a part of the 10th Adepticon Team tournament champion on Adepticon's 10th anniversary.

    "They Shall Know Fear!"

  3. Well done sir. I'd salute you, but I have a chicken sammich to devour, and well... it requires both hands.

    Raincheck... yeah. Oh, and I'd love a rematch some time :P

  4. Not a problem Godfrey. Are you going to be in Indy any time soon?

    1. No idea. It's the busy season for me work wise, and I'll be out of the country in May. Maybe I can make it down for one of them there fancy tournaments you guys have.

      The ones you have posted on the Event Cal (shameless plug :P)

  5. Congrats on the win guys! Well deserved. Many thanks for attending. Not sure if Chris or I mentioned this in the post-event madness, but the winning Team always receives a free 40K Team Tournament ticket for the next year. Our hope is that your team returns to defend the title!

  6. Thank you Matt! It was a please for us to come. It was my first year coming and I expect many more years to be attending your event.

  7. Congrats on the win. I have to say every one of you is a top notch player, and a top notch person. Couldn't have happened to a better group of guys.

  8. I honestly could not say this more sincerely....

    could not have happened for a nicer group of guys. Spaguatyrine and Hulksmash are two of the strongest players I've ever played against and quite enjoyable to play against as well. One of these years I will get a team together for Adepticon, you never know though.

  9. @Archfiend,

    Thank you sir. Hulk told me playing you was his funnest game of the Indy Open. I will share your thoughts with him as well. I was amazed at the team tournament. People told me I would be, but I didn't really think it would be as awesome as it was. 464 players in one room. There were people dressed in inquisitorial robes. There was a sister of battle which I will post later. They had the church of kelly, the cult of charlie sheen. It was amazing!

  10. Congrats to the whole They Shall Know Fear team. It was an awesome looking army, and although our team didn't face you (we were way too busy jockeying for position at the "bottom" of the rankings) we heard good things from those that did.

  11. Thanks chosen. I had more fun with Andrew, Nick, and Hulk then I have ever had at an event. Your kind words ar validation to me personally that happened to me at the championships. Thank you.


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