Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scratch Built Vindicators And My Rusty Bumper Issues. . .

By Outremer

My trio of Scratchbuilt Vindicators.

These three are pretty much the only things I have left with the rust weathering powder I had originally painted most of the army with.  I really like the way the weathering powder looks, but have two issues with it. 

First, anything I put it on turned completely rusty. . . even places I didn't want the rust,. like faces and cloth.  It may be user error, but I didn't care for the lack of control I seemed to have when using it.

Second, and most importantly, i'm actually allergic to the stuff.  I'd start breaking out in hives and my lips would swell everytime I used it.  Even with gloves!  We'll talk more about the allergy thing in a later post. . .

I did some research on the interwebs about different techniques for actually painting rust and then, like a moron, decided to strip and repaint my entire army two weeks before the Indy open using a new rust technique. (But it seemed like such a good idea at 3am last night after i'd been awake for 24 hours straight with a sick baby!)

This is the technique I was following.  Kap's Plague marines look phenomenal!


The first set of Plague marines I tried it on worked out pretty well.  Still needed some tweaking, but I was pleased with the results. Then of course the realization that I was never going to get everything painted in time if I didn't start cutting some corners set in.  I needed to reduce the rusting part down to fewer steps.  In the process, I seemed to have lost most of the depth in the rusted areas.

To make a long story short, the rust areas on my army are passable/workable, but i'm not a hundred percent satisfied with it.  One of my buddies said he overheard someone at the Indy open commenting that my stuff looked like I'd "just painted half of everything brown.".  I have to admit I somewhat agree.  I believe the issues are much more apparent on the larger rust areas on these two. . .

So, would anyone like to offer up ideas on how I can tweak my rust without stripping everything down and repainting it all?


  1. Perhaps a light drybrush of metallic or some washes to break it up. Alternatively, you could pick out some of the chaos sigils with silver, just to break up the rust.

    best of luck



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