Monday, April 16, 2012

Apocalypse And Plague Tower Insanity!

By Outremer

Enjoyed some more Apocalypse craziness this past weekend at games to die for.  Here are some pic's of the game and a few progress shots of the paint on my plague tower!

My Plaguereaper about to get "reaped"

                                     Did I happen to mention I hate the Flank march asset?

Got a direct hit while deep striking my Obliterators into the building. . . I love it when a plan comes together!

                      Nothing ruins my Plague marines' day like a Land raider full of Termies. . .

             My half built Warhound about to be ganked by a bunch of melta gun packing assault gits.
                                            Also, I have no idea who's Dew bottle that is. . .

                                      Scottydont's mean old Termies picking on my Rhino. . .

                               I believe something like 90% of the Tau army was in that Orca?

                                                     Titan getting double teamed. . .

        How many licks does it take to get to the center of an Obliterator?  More than these three had!

This was my second Apocalypse game.  I love the idea of putting damn near any insanity you can come up with on the table and letting it go.  I'm already sketching up some ideas for a giant "Blight droneesque" bomber to use in future Apoc games and want to try my hand at sculpting a huge Nurgle greater daemon. . .

I'm pleased with the way the tower is coming along.  I'm not in a rush to finish it, so the rust is coming out much better than it did on the stuff I painted for the Indy GT.  I've also gotten a much better idea of how to straighten the rust out on all that stuff.  I still have yet to finish the rear panel of the base. . . had the idea this weekend to sculpt a fleshy mass with several sphincters weeping nastiness on the rear.  Mmmmmmm. . . sphincters.  I'm having fun painting the tower, but it might be going to the back burner again as other projects become more pressing.  I recieved my bits order from Maxmini Saturday and have been working on some Pre-heresy Terminators this afternoon.  So many projects, so little time!


  1. amazing, amazing, amazing. did i also mention amazing?

    great work on the tower, and the titan as well. i actually just downloaded the template myself and plan to give it a go at some point soon.

    cant wait to see more of this stuff on here!

  2. Loving the posts Outremer, there's just a few nuts and bolts that I need you to do in the future as an author here:

    1) Initial caps on the title please.
    2) Make your images 'Extra Large' so that they're easy to see.
    3) Add tags so that your post will come up in search engines.

    That's it! You've picked everything else up nicely. Good job!


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