Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Has It Occured To Anyone Else That...

by SandWyrm

...If the rumors are true, the upcoming Grey Knight Codex will make a pretty good Iron Warriors Codex?

I mean:

Grey Knights = Chaos Space Marines (only good)
Inquisitors = Chaos Sorcerers
Stormtroopers = Elite Chaos Humans
PDF/IG/Conscripts = Slave Conscripts

Plus they'll have access to Russes, Hellhounds, Deathstrikes, Razorbacks, and every Land Raider variant.

We already have people using Khornate Blood Angels and Tzeentchian Space Wolves. So why not?


  1. Where are you getting the rumor info from. Do share man!!

  2. It was part of our weekly 'What if' discussion while trying to survive a B-day party of 4yr olds.

  3. Already got you covered, Sandwyrm. The grey Knights are one of codices I have made it a point to branch out into with my 14th Black Crusade. I was thinking along the line of a Tzentchian theme for the actual grey knights, like the Apostles of Ahriman or something with lots of human slaves as the rubrics are useless to ahriman's latest endevours - but Iron Warriors are awesome too and gives love to the Undivided.

  4. Good point, and, perhaps, a deliberate move by GW.

    Makes splitting Chaos into 2 books even easier, if they are so inclined.

  5. Oh, and let's not forget the rumored walker that would make a nice super-Defiler.

  6. Grey Knights have never fallen to the forces of Chaos and never will. Stop this heretic speach immediately before you get expunged! :)

  7. I would have to already be Punged for that. ;)

  8. I'm with Old School -- I reckon a Tzeentchian themed army based on the GK codex could be very neat!


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