Friday, November 5, 2010

A Penny for the guy

By TheGraveMind

Just a reminder to remember remember the Fifth of November!

Some people may be making bonfires (which doesn't sound to bad with this near-freezing weather we have), but I am a simple person and am going to watch V for vendetta while trying to finish up my list for Tomorrow's tournament. Not sure what tournament I'm talking about, see the past five posts or so. I have 4 posts lined up that will get finished after the tourney. So Five posts counting the tournament write up.


  1. I was confused when they blow up the Old Bailey at the start of that movie. They never exactly explained what the Old Bailey was. I always wondered why that particular building. I've been watching Law and Order UK, and apparently that's the main courthouse in London. It would make sense that he blows the Bailey up; to make a statement that there is no longer any justice in England.

  2. @CaulynDarr - you should look up guy fawkes and/or the gunpowder plot.

  3. I know about the Guy Fawkes plot. I'm just not familiar with many British government buildings.

  4. yeah, the Old Bailey is where all our most high profile court cases go. if your in there, its pretty safe to say you did, or are suspected of doing, something pretty bad.

    that movie scared the hell out of me in the way it showed just how easy it would be for a country like mine to fall into a facist mindset.


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