Friday, November 26, 2010

Poll Results: Kill The Emperor!!!

by SandWyrm

The results of our poll are in! 50 readers (86.2%) voted to kill the Emperor and move the story of the Imperium forward. While 8 readers (13.8%) like their galaxy the way it is.

Time to contact Inquisitor Booth and make the arrangements. :)


  1. Ah, if only it really worked that way. :p Though I'd be worried about some of the other changes that happened from voting on them. A Nomic miniatures war game would be interesting though...

  2. That's a very solid majority! Although I'm not too surprised, I suspect that Games Workshop won't take too much notice :)

  3. I dunno. If they didn't have SOME plans, would they have broken the chair in the first place?

  4. That's kind of my thought... how much time tends to pass between editions? I don't have access to my books, so I can't really tell right off (if there's even a scale to go by)...

    But with the Throne actively failing, *something* has to happen... and soon. A life support system going downhill isn't likely to be measured in centuries, or even decades.

    I like the open ended idea in general (this is hardly a universe of pretty pink packages all wrapped in matching bows), but if things continue along the same line of "zomg! it's really looking badzors!" without any definite action... it's just more and more of the same.

  5. The golden throne was discovered to be failing in the last year of M41 (999.M41) according to the 5th edition rulebook. This is the same year the 13th Black Crusade was launched. Medusa 5 (the world campaign from 2006) fell in the 6th year of M42, and we have material from the Cain series of Novels dated into the 127th year of M42.

    However, none of the 3 most recent codexes (codexi? codexus?) I looked through for this post have anything set in M42.

    So including the Cain Series, the Golden Throne has been known to have been failing for 128 years or so. this doesn't include however long it's been failing before someone noticed.

    Of interest is the 3rd Edition of 40k has a reference to 997.M41 (two years before the discovery of the throne failing) about Some Inquisitors destroying a Star Child temple. I don't think any time has really passed with the progression of the rulebooks. The game setting is stuck at the very end of the M41st (the 40 Millennium... which I guess makes some sense given the name of the game) >.>

  6. I wish I could edit my comments >.<

    M41 = 41st Millennium = year 40,000. I should've rechecked that last sentence more carefully.

  7. Eh, I've done that myself a time or two.

    In any case, scratch that whole time passing idea... and I guess scratch the "something must come to pass" thing too... if "failing" means "working for the next 100+ years" that's just going to further the "Hey, it's getting really close! we promise!" approach.

  8. I really like how plunging the Imperium into civil war would bring the fluff into the line with all the Imperium vs Imperium battles we play. The over-evil of Chaos has always turned me off. A civil war offers a backdrop for more realistic and less self-centred range of factions for the Imperium to fight against.

  9. Yes, it'll be Imperium vs Imperium for a bit, then the Emperor will be reborn, but no one will be sure if it's him, or some Chaos trick, and the Inquisition will chase him across the galaxy, as the writers borrow liberally from The Brothers Karamazov.


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