Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Recruit

by: farmpunk

I'm glad to announce the addition of another local Indy 40K blogger to the Back40K's fold:

Spankyourlatrine!.... errr Spunkguavataurine?!

oh alright, I'll copy and paste it: Spaguatyrine!

SandWyrm and I have gotten to know Spag a bit better, and both of us appreciate the local stuff he's done on his personal blog : Too Competitive Hurts! He's a regular over at Games 2d4 over on the west side of Indy.

Spag's also safely made it to the Mancave for a few games and survived.

Spag plays Space Marines (Wolves), Guard, and Tyranids. At least until he buys another army.


  1. Keep the Bloggers close.....And my prey closer. Mwuahahaha

  2. His first post should be an explanation of his name. It's kind of amusing.


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