Friday, November 26, 2010

1500 point tournament in Lafayette, Indiana January 15th

by Spaguatyrine

Will you be here for this tournament?

This tournament was sent to me by Carlos at the Game Preserve in Lafayette in conjunction with Ursa's Den. Take a look at this link below:

Thoughts on going or not? I am considering taking a 1500 point list up there for this.  The composition has definitely changed due to some bad press from previous tournaments for the better. I am very proud of Carlos and his team for coming closer to a current tournament format.  Looks very promising.


  1. no i dont think so....too many things being taken out....named characters.....mainly. my army centers around wazdakka. idk, seems like they changed a bit, but not enough.

  2. Q. What do you do if you bring pure Daemonhunters and six Psycannons to a tournament and still lose to Daemons?

    A. Ban Fateweaver!

    I kid, I kid.

    (well, mostly)

  3. I don't really used name characters but do see where that could be an issue. Does the hobby/painting portion not interest you Uberdark? You have some really nice stuff. Oh Yeah what time on Wednesday? I can get there about 6:30. Points?

  4. Meh, it's a typical Lafayette tourney.

    I'm not interested in playing a broken battle-points system (with or without soft-scoring), and the painting prize is too low to tempt me into going for that.

  5. My poor Deathwing is illegal. Sorry Belial, you're too overpowered to be used in games against civilized folk.

  6. Likewise, my fun BA Sang Guard list is out. While my mech IG is perfectly legal.

  7. Be warned, you'll likely be scorned for taking such a broken, abusive army as the IG...or Space Wolves...or anything else that is deemed unfluffy.

  8. Oh, they put the "too competitive list" for me. :) But I will probably take the Thunderwolves and ensure all my units are different.

  9. Removal of the painting scores is actually way more shocking than the toned-down comp scores--the last Lafayette tournament's final battle result was like 20-30% painting.

    But yeah, banning special characters in a tournament that ALSO has comp scoring is beyond ridiculous--if he wants to penalize people for it, he has the means to do so with the comp scoring.

    Especially when nobody's come up with a comp system that removes even 1% of the effectiveness of current top-tier IG/SW armies, while crippling everyone else.

  10. For the most part I really don't care about about the format or bonus points except this part. "Award between 0 and 2 points based on how much you felt the Army avoided being a “powergaming”, “cheesy” or “win-at-all-costs” list. (Up to 2 pts.)". That whole thing can be based on how bad you beat someone or get beat. /shrug

  11. I agree with you on this one. In a tournament before they could ding you up to 5 points per game or 15 points total. There was a lot of complaining in that one.

  12. i hear this all the time. its too "cheesy". he's just out there to "powergame." its another "win and take all the fun out" list. oh im sorry, you mean to tell me someone has worked their butt off to figure out all the tricks to tweak their army and make it THE best it can be? look, if this was real war we wouldnt just go, "oh now, those panzer tanks are just too fast." shame on you germany. no we would try to COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER. thats what i love about this game, the ability to keep making up different lists and competing. if you are tired of losing all the time, then rework your army. you will NOT win every game all of the time, and there is always another opponent to play.

    i think this link sums up my feelings on the people that have issue with the power gamer.


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