Sunday, November 14, 2010

One marine, Two marines, Red marines, Blue marines

By TheGraveMind

I had a great game yesterday evening. My main competitor from the GP south was wanting to get a game in, and luckily I had been given the morning shift. So I got off work, showered and headed over fro a game. He has an upcoming underling expected in the next month for the family, So he is trying to get games in while he can. Sandwyrm has referred to him as Red eye I believe, I just call him My Nemesis. I think he is the only person I have not won against. We had agreed on 1,750 the night before.

To explain the title, I am playing Blood angels, but my marines are blue and grey, My Nemesis is playing vanilla, but his are painted red and yellow with droplets on them. We had to explain to a few people what was going on, cause they were confused.

We like to change things up a bit, so we rolled for mission/deployment differently. We rolled off, who ever won got to pick which mission/deployment they wanted, the other person gets to then pick the other. I won the roll, and picked 12" deployment, he picked Capture and control. He then won to go first, and we deployed. His objective is on the wall with the marines in front of the Land speeders, Mine is behind the tower, in front of my Land speeders.
 He had a 9-man assault squad and a Librarian deep striking in. Nemesis also had a MM/DCCW dread coming in via pod. I held two 10-man assault squads in reserves, with a jump pack priest and librarian with one, and also a 5-man vanguard squad with a power fist. I also had 5 stern guard with a power weapon priest in a drop pod.

His turn one, he drops the dread on my far left, and blows up my Baal. My 4+ cover save did nothing for me, which will be a recurring theme. He moved his typhoons out, and fired at mine. I again failed both cover saves, and he took the typhoons off of one, and shook the other.

 On my turn, my Las-pred moved up 12" and took some shots at his razorback, but nothing resolved. My razorback moved over 12" and blew up a typhoon. My sternguard came in, and deployed in front of his combat squad, firing vengeance rounds! He made his cover saves and only lost one. My devastators fired at the dreadnought, and stunned it.

On his turn, his assault squad came in, off of the locator beacon on his drop pod, and ran up towards the Devs. His typhoons moved up again, fired at my land speeders. Three pens and a glance. I put a pen and the glance on my good speeder, and stacked two pens on the damaged one. I failed my turbo-boost cover saves for all three pens, and make it on the glance. The one pen on the good speeder blows it up (of course), and the two pens on the damaged one stuns it. His tactical squad in the rhino drives up, fires melta and bolter at my stern guard, but fail both. His terminators go to assault my sternguard, roll low and don't get to multi-assault the drop pod. The priest kills 2, while the rest kill another terminator, but the other 7 are still enough to wipe the squad.

Bottom of turn two, and I'm feeling good. My plan is to drop the plain 10-man squad in my lower right, to fling them up next turn to assault in. I'll combat squad the Lib's squad, with 4 regular and Sarge in front of the terminators, cause a wall to the half with the librarian. He goes right in front of the rhino with meltas and priest. Lance and meltas should do some damage to his vehicles in a nice line for me. And then the Vanguard assault the tactical squad from the rhino. All this because he didn't destroy my Drop pod which has a locator beacon as well.

Instead, the Dice Gods spite me. Descent of angels allow you to come in turn two on a 4+ reroll. That is 75% chance. My librarian squad, doesn't come in, reroll, still nothing. sigh. assault squad doesn't come in. reroll, still nothing. GRR. Vanguard don't come in. Reroll, DO come in, but useless with out the others to pop transports. Now, while I didn't concede, I did admit that this giant randomly generated F-U from the dice was my defeat. I decided we'd keep going, cause it was on objective game after all.

I fired a few shots, rolled three sixes in a row from my Predator, and blew up his razorback, pinning the squad. My vanguard assault the combat squad on the objective, and kill them easily. I roll a 1 on my consolidation, so no avoid the terminators.

On his turn, Nemesis's Librarian uses avenger and removes the last of my devastators with little effort. His typhoons move behind the building, and his rhino backs up to the objective. My vanguard kill two more terminators, but again the 5 left are enough. So his 475 points of veterans have killed my 375 points of veterans roughly. He only has two cyclone missile terminators and two normal ones left.

Bottom of Three and my reserves manage to come in, though I still had to reroll one of them. The plain squad came in, and fired into the razor back squad. Both meltas missed, but I killed two with pistols. My Predator fired his lascannon into them, and failed to wound the marines. Seems they just wouldn't die that turn.

My other squad broke into combat squads. Melta and sarge went above the typhoons, while priest, Librarian and melta went below them. Lance fell an inch short of hitting the rhino, and only damaged the typhoons. Both the melta and the combi-melta from the priest failed to hit the typhoons. I fired my razor back squad into the typhoons, and still didn't do anything. So I had to fire the other half of the combat squad into them. After it all, I had blown one up, and weapon destroyed and shook the other.

He moved his assault squad over towards my objective, turbo-boosted his typhoon towards them, and moved his terminators up to take on my squad. His last two marines, moved up and flamed my large squad, killing three. His terminators killed my 5 marines, and I may have killed 1 terminator. His dreadnought had finally walked over and caught up with some of the action. He fired his Multi-melta at 23" and hit my speeder. I failed my turbo-boost cover save yet again, and it went down. Typhoons did nothing but die the entire game. Never once fired them.

My razorback moved back to try and keep his assault squad from my objective, my assault squad jumped up to the objective, fired meltas into the rhino wrecking it. They followed up by assaulting the squad jumping out. My librarian and entourage assaulted the terminators. Unleash rage + Priest + assault marines means dead terminators. Unfortunately, my Librarian needed 3+ to wound, and rolled 1,2,2,5 for his wounds. That left 1 terminator alive at the end, who punched the librarian in the face.

On his turn, Might of the Ancients and a powerfist took out my razorback. My Predator went 18" to contest the objective just in case. His two marines failed to join the fight, and just huddled right outside. My remaining marines and priest killed the last terminator, consolidated to the fight.

The game ended bottom of 5, with a draw, his was contested, and mine was not held. It was a close game, so we decided to see what if it went another turn. With both squads and priest in the assault now, I managed to kill all but his last flamer, having him still contest the objective. While his assault marines and Librarian made short work of my razorback squad. Still a draw.

The game was so close, and I had some pretty bad luck, that we agreed to try and get a rematch in. I'm hoping to finally get my game in with the elusive Evil-Ted orks, who I've never gotten to play. After that, Nemesis and I are going to play again, with the exact same lists. Should be interesting, and I wanted to post this battle report before our rematch, just to look back upon.


  1. Sounds like a pretty brutal match, thanks for sharing!

    Love that terrain; is it paper/cardstock stuff? Kits or some kind of printed template?

  2. Nice Battle Report. One reserve Roll would have made a difference!!

    We still need to get your rematch in with me!! :)

  3. Nice report!

    (next time size-up your pics)

  4. I agree, the terrain is pretty awesome... and your dice were not!

  5. Q: So if a Blue-Baal gets killed before it gets to shoot, does it get more blue? :)

  6. AH! I see what you did there. clever.

    We didn't get our rematch in, but I used the same list against Evil Ted's orks. A very close game.
    The list is decent, but it still needs some changing.

  7. I believe the terrain is "cardstock". I'm thinking kit, it seems to well organized for anything else. not sure what from.

    And Spaguatyrine, yes, we still need to get a rematch in.


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