Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tourney: The Armies

by SandWyrm

The Hive Fleet Indy Tourney happened today, and I'd say it was quite successful. We had 28 players, most of whom had fully painted armies to play with. It's pretty special when you get this much pretty at a competitive win/loss non-soft-score event.

The Tallarn XIII (above) took second place in the painting contest by only one vote. Which I blame on not getting the display board and a number of models completely done. Life interfered and I just didn't have the extra day I needed to finish them properly.

Here's some pics of all the other armies that set up for the painting contest.

Weinas' Templars Play Havoc with Auto-Exposure

This was the first place painting winner. Nice Job!

The most creative army, even if not the most well executed.

This was a Count-As Trukk. He needs a row of saddles on the tail. :)

Edit: I somehow missed getting a pic of the Albino Ork Mob, but here's an old pic of them from last year; it may not show his latest work.


  1. so which one of the armies got first over yours?

  2. The Green eldar in the third picture won first place. My army was carefully hidden. ugh. maybe someday they'll be painted. So many well painted armies, and too many eldar!

  3. "Which I blame on not getting the display board and a number of models completely done."

    or maybe the fact that you voted for the winner… that's what you get for being a nice guy.

    a couple of armies are missing from this photo spread that were pretty good - notably two ork armies that had some really nice custom work. i don't have any shots of these, but i'm hoping someone puts them up as they were really nice.

  4. I found an old pic of the Albino Ork mob and added it to the post. If anyone has an actual pic from the event, send it to me.

  5. Very nice gallery- I like different parts of all of them.

  6. I personally think the Space Wolves army looks incredible. Look at the detail and the board that really makes everything stand out.......uhm!

    Anways. Great tournament! I will be writing up battle reports on my blog about my 4 battles. The final battle was almost over on turn 1. I played against the Orc player who had 3 battle wagons!

    Thank you everyone who came. It was awesome to see all the armies. I can see we could easily have a mini GT with support from other stores with tables and terrain and get 50 in the space at the store and the store front.

    Thanks for the pictures Sandwyrm.

  7. @Spaguatyrine *cough cough* ...Yeah, that was my first encounter with thunderwolf cavalry. Obvious mistake in retrospect. Four games against marine flavors in one day got me complacent.

  8. @dinobobicus
    I am sorry to have done that to you. It was pretty devestating. You almost pulled it out but there weren't enough Thunderwolf models for you to wound. It was a great game! I am posting a battle report today on my blog. :)


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