Saturday, November 6, 2010

My (late) halloween project, Death company

By TheGraveMind

There was a painting contest for Halloween. It was to paint a new DE warrior that the store got. So my planned Halloween model got pushed to the back burner. Well, I got second place with my DE, so I'm happy. But now back to my Halloween model. He is my custom Lemartes, Guardian of the Damned. Yes, I know he is supposed to be guardian of the lost, but here is the kicker, I'm probably using legion of the damned for my death company. He is also my Astorath the grim if I decided to use him, seeing as I would not use both characters in the same list. I'm going to attempt and paint him similar to Sandwyrm's excellent Emo-wing. I think if done right, the black and white will give him the feeling I'm hoping to convey. Maybe he'll put up a step by step sometime soon ::hint::

Here are a few other random models I've been working on.

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  1. I like it!

    If the guy in the first pic is going to be emo, you'll have to greenstuff some tears on the skull hanging from his wing. :)


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