Monday, November 22, 2010

Uberdark: the man, the mystery, the awesome(-ishness?)

by uberdark and farmpunk in white

Some of you folks will recall a sweet-looking orky army that's made it's way onto theBack40k via SandWyrm and Anonymous Foodie. We've refer to him by many names at the shop, but have referred to him as JB here on the back40k.
and in SandWyrm's Battle Report here: A fine Looking Battle

Some of you may have noticed another new name to the back40 in the past week.  Spaug.....ah....however you spell it, was inducted into the legions of cool and there was much celebration.  Upon seeing this, I thought "Hey, I'm an Indy area gamer, and hey I like to chew the fat on awesomeness."  So after a quick email (after talking to me about it for a few months) I too was allowed to share thoughts on 40k, gaming, modeling, and my personal favorite, color theory/painting.  So what can I bring to the group. 

first off my name:  Uberdark (there are none more black)

I would like to say there is some cryptic meaning to my name, but nope, my friend Kenn made the name up in college back in the wayback time machine of 1995.  I stole it and have kept it as my monniker and avatar ever since.  I am undeniably addicted to decepticons and all things transformers and have been known to blow $500 on an original Megatron G1 gun.  Of course once I bought it, I waited another 6 months and the Transformers movie came out, so i sold it for another $300.  muwahahaha!!  I also love me them orks and I will go into it a bit more as I go on. 

Well I have been into 40k for going on 3 years and 1 year with fantasy.  All the time it has been about the painting.  Then one day I said, "hey lets do some orks.  It was love at first loot.  Since then I have been addicted to the green tide and all things orky/converted.
Plasticard and lowes have become my best friend.

During this time I have entered multiple contests with my orks and managed to walk away with a whole bunch of finalist pins from Golden Demon Chicago.  GRRRR... But one day I will hold the sword above my head and proclaim, "GET ME CLOSER I WANT TO POKE THEM WITH MY SWORD!"  hehe.  But I digress, I finally finished my ork army last year and started up a nid army but quickly found myself buying more orks.  I have found my niche, and even though I don't know every rule or errata, I feel I can hold my own against most armies.  Sure I lose, but once in a while I win.  hehe.

From time to time, I might post on converting, color theory or the occassional article on tactics with da' orks.  So sit back, smile, and enjoy the might of the WAAAGGHHHH!!.


  1. Congrats! I was wondering why there were random new names on the listing!

  2. Welcome! I want to get a game in with you and my Wolves. Call it the battle of the newbies. We will post it up for all to see. My wolves love to chew on orks. :) LOL

  3. spag: ill be at the north gp store this orks like to kick puppies all the time... ;) lol

  4. Can't do it this week with Thanksgiving and all. Maybe the following Wed.


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